10 Ethical Beauty Brands you should know

With the New Year ahead of us it’s time to start afresh again in hope of becoming the best versions of ourselves. Making pacts to choose healthier options and hit the gym regularly are great goals but often life gets in the way and our routines can fizzle out. However, gradually incorporating ethical beauty brands and household products into your life can become a long lasting resolution for better looking skin and a healthier home.  Plus it’s simple and often more affordable then you may think.

First things first, an ethical beauty brand is a band that considers the ethical impacts that their products have on the world. You may be seeing labels like ‘vegan’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘cruelty free’, but not know exactly why this matters to you, or even if the product is any good. Below is a list of amazing ethical beauty brands to help you get started.

3ina: A really high quality and affordable beauty range from Europe. 3ina, pronounced ‘Mina’, is cruelty free and vegan except for the lipsticks, which contain beeswax.

Where to buy: Online, in store currently only in Victoria

OCC: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics have a wide range of 100% vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. Also if you are a make up artist or industry professional you can qualify for 40% off!

Where to buy: Online

Lush: Most of you will have heard of or will have been using Lush products for some time now. Founded in the UK in the mid 90s, Lush is a vegetarian brand, currently with 80% of their products being vegan.

Where to Buy: Online, in store

Sugarpill: Sugarpill is mostly vegan and never test on animals. You just have to check for the vegan symbol on their packaging as some may contain animal products.

Where to buy: Online, limited stockists in Australia

Illamasqua: Illamasqua are a cruelty free brand from the UK and have a vegan range that includes brushes, lashes and makeup. They also offer a 20-40% discount for beauty professionals.

Where to buy: Online, Myer

La Mav: La Mav is an Australian brand creating organic, vegan and cruelty free skin care products and make up for sensitive skin. Their products contain ingredients that are 100% plant based and do not contain parabens.

Where to buy: Online

Furless Cosmetics: Furless Cosmetics are exactly that, fur-free and cruelty free. They have a large range of vegan brushes and create all products with the best synthetic and eco-friendly materials.

Where to buy: Online

Ecostore: From New Zealand, Ecostore are a cruelty free brand that sells skin care products as well as household cleaners. They are PETA certified and GE (Genetically Engineered crops) free. Their labels also clearly list the products they do and don’t contain.

Where to buy: Online, Woolworths, Go Vita, Chemist Warehouse and more.

Sodashi: Sodashi is vegan and cruelty free, but not always organic. And if you’re curious, they also have a full breakdown of each ingredient for all of their skin care products on their website. You can also visit a list of luxurious spas worldwide that use their products.

Where to buy: Online

Kora Organics: Founded and owned by Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics are almost entirely certified organic and vegan (except for a couple of products). The packaging is also environmentally friendly.

Where to buy: Online, Selected pharmacies and health food stores and David Jones

Though the brands above are transparent about their policies and ingredients, it’s important to note that some brands will use terms such as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ but they may not be. They may also test individual ingredients on animals but not the finished product. If it is important for you to have completely vegan or organic products, then you still need to do your research on companies and the policies of any of their parent companies.

If you’re just getting started and want to know more, check out this really helpful guide on ethical beauty products by BuzzFeed. 

By Natalie Petrellis

  1. I didn’t realise so many ethical beauty brands existed. This article is a good eye opener and introduction (for me) to this type of product. Thank you Natalie!

  2. Love me some sugarpill and furless cosmetics ?
    Thanks so much for adding more fab brands to the list!
    I’m currently in the process of converting my makeup to vegan ?
    I love that the makeup industry has turned into such a driving force for vegan and cruelty free products and is generating awareness ?

  3. Very neat article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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