10 Makeup Products that stole our hearts in 2016

Marnie Cohen

With 2016 quickly coming to a close, it’s time to look back on the year that was. There have been SO many products that stole our hearts during the year, and it’s time to reflect on the best of them.

Not all of these products were released this year, however they were certainly talked about… A LOT!! Keep reading and see which products you managed to get your hands on!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – $42 USD via AnastasiaBeverlyHills.com

Of all the products we were blessed with over the year, the ABH Modern Renaissance palette was the stand out in 2016. Anastasia Beverly Hills is very well known for incredibly creamy and pigmented shadows, so when the Modern Renaissance palette dropped, it was an instant success. A selection of 14 warm tone shades featured in the palette, which was encased in mauve velour packaging. This palette is in such high demand, it is constantly sold out online and in Sephora stores. If you have an opportunity to purchase it, my advice is do so!! These shadows and incredible and the looks you can achieve are out of this world.

Kylie Cosmetics – Prices beginning at $14 USD via KylieCosmetics.com

Her first batch of lipkits sold out in 30 seconds, and Kylie Jenner has done so well for herself that she even broke Google. It is fair to say that Kylie has risen and proven ‘King’ in a year in which she’s seen her make up empire grow. Kylie Cosmetics began with the ‘Kylie Lipkit’ – A liquid lipstick and matching liner for $29 USD, these quickly became the hottest product on the market… and she grew and grew. Lip gloss, metal mattes, eyeshadows, eyeliners, brush sets, make up bags, limited edition birthday and holiday collections – she has done it all this year.

Lipkits – $29 USD

Where it all began – Kylie has grown her lipkit collection to beautiful nudes, oranges, reds, plums and a few more daring colours too. The liquid lipsticks have an amazing vanilla scent, great pigment and stay on all day, but the lip liners steal the show. So creamy and easy to use, it’s worth just getting the products to try them.  Colour Crush: 22, Ginger, Kristen, Dolce, Koko, Leo

KyShadow – $42 USD

Kylie’s eyeshadow palettes weren’t an instant hit, with the Bronze Palette receiving plenty of criticism on release. The fall out and chalky texture was quickly attended to, with the Burgandy and Holiday Palettes receiving more positive reviews. A selection of nine shadows in each, they are easily blendable, buildable and create beautiful looks.

Kyliner –  $26 USD

The gel liner is incredible. Super creamy and very easy to apply. The pencil liner and brushes don’t live up to that standard, though. The pencil lacks pigment and the brush is too thick, however it is worth while purchasing just for the gel liner (that’s how good it is!)

Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm – $11.49 at Priceline

When Nikki Tutorials introduced the world to the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm, no one was quite sure how it would come into play. Revealing that this was her new go-to primer, the make up world went into meltdown. It contains ‘Glycerine’ which allows products to stick to the skin – that’ll keep your make up on all day. The Post Shave Balm leaves the skin looking fresh and flawless, and a great canvas to apply make up. It’s definitely worth trying out (at the very least) as it is a brilliant product that works great and will save you lots of money.

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation – $79 at Sephora

This has to be the most talked about foundation of the year. The Re(marc)able foundation is everything you could possibly want and more. The incredibly full coverage foundation will leave your skin looking flawless the whole day, and you only need the smallest bit to cover every area of the face.

Hourglass Seamless Finish Stick Foundation – $67 from Mecca

It was a big year for stick foundations, with plenty of brands releasing their own. The best came from Hourglass, acting as a full coverage stick foundation (which often is tricky to come by, with stick foundations known for a more medium coverage). There are plenty of shades to choose from, and once again a little will go a long way. One tip would be to avoid applying this with matching brush and rather with a beauty blender for a truly flawless finish.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – $62 from David Jones, Sephora

‘Baking’ has been a term added to our beauty vocab this year, and Laura Mercier has been leading that charge. After applying concealer, use a loose powder to ‘bake’ under the eyes, for a creaseless and flawless finish. The Laura Mercier Translucent Powder is hands down the best product for the job, and its limited availability speaks volumes.

Morphe 35O Palette – $45 via Makeupnet.com.au

What’s not to love about Morphe?! Incredible quality at an affordable price… I’m not sure how they do it! Morphe’s 35 palettes have gained plenty of attention over the year for that exact reason, and nothing has been more popular than the 35O series. A beautiful range of warm, orange toned eyeshadows, they are incredibly pigmented and give you endless options for amazing looks. An all-matte and all-shimmer palettes are available too, and it is certainly a must have for all make up lovers.

RCMA No Colour Powder – $24 via Makeupnet.com.au

Another brilliant baking powder proves to never judge a make up product by its packaging. The simple canister contains a phenomenal translucent powder, perfect for baking and setting make up. After Jaclyn Hill mentioned it in her ride or die products, the RCMA No Colour Powder shot to fame, and has become a household name ever since.

The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer – $29.95 from David Jones, Sephora

The highlighting game has been so strong this year, and while plenty of amazing high end products have been released, The Balm have stolen the show. This amazing highlighter has a champagne undertone and is so pigmented it’ll leave you blinding for the gods. It is so popular, however than it may be a little tricky to get your hands on, but once you’ve found it, your highlighting game will never be the same again.

Australis Banana Powder – $14.95 from Priceline

When Australis released their AC on tour contour kit, everyone was going mad for the banana shade. The yellow powder was perfect for highlighting under the eyes after concealer, and it is so good that Australis released the powder in its own pan. Now available to buy alone, it is a must have product, and it does such a great job at such a great price.

While we were blessed with plenty of amazing products this year, these are certainly my favourites. Here’s to another new year of health, happiness and incredible make up!

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