14 Absolutely Essential Things To Do On Instagram

Everyone wants a bigger following. Whether you’re looking to reach your first 100, 500 or 100,000 followers, here are some absolutely essential things to do while on Instagram.

Post Consistently

This should be a no-brainer, yet when people suffer creative blockages or nerves they tend to stop posting on social media. This negatively affects your following so keep up the posts! Some of the best Instagrams only post once a day or every couple of days, the difference between themselves and yourself is they have already defined and connected with their target market, you have to bring people in and engage them before you can settle into your content schedule. For now keep it every day, once a day at a minimum.


We are of course talking about your business Instagram, which is your mobile makeup/tanning artist Instagram. This showcases your client before/after photos and has content related to your brand. Your Instagram, ideally, should be themed with the same filters for all photos, similar photo stylings and a similar way of writing. This attaches the reader with your posts to you.

@Tag A Friend

For certain posts try asking people to mention a friend if the post is relevant. This will aid in post engagement and boost views and likes for you (awesome). Talk to your followers, ask for their opinions. Represent your best self. Offer your followers a candid view by taking some “behind the scenes” shots of whatever it is you do. Perhaps flat lays of your makeup or a photo of your workstation. Anything to make the person feel as though they are getting to see what’s behind the glamour of the usual, perfected shot on your feed.

Behind The Scenes

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Offer your followers a candid view by taking some “behind the scenes” shots of whatever it is you do. Perhaps flat lays of your makeup or a photo of your workstation. Anything to make the person feel as though they are getting to see what’s behind the glamour of the usual, perfected shot on your feed.

Try Posting Video Content

Posting video content is a great feature that Instagram added a little while ago and can help boost engagement as it’s not the norm. Videos can range from short little how-to’s and how it’s made to inspirational messages. Posting a video once in every six posts is great to break up content and offer followers something fresh to engage with.

Cross -Promote

Cross promote your posts! Don’t just share your feed on Instagram. Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, let your friends and following on Snapchat know. Cross promoting boosts how much you are seen and can gather your following from different sources and pool them all into Instagram.

Hold A Contest

The number of followers you need to hold a contest is up to your discretion, however, I’d recommend having at least 50 followers that are really engaged with your feed and posting comments regularly so you can get the most out of holding the competition to begin with. Pick a prize that aligns with what you want your followers to do (do you want them to tweet @ you? repost your content? Are you looking for more followers?) Pick a time and date for the competition to end. Make sure you allow enough time for your following to catch wind that the competition is being held but don’t make it so long that it drags out. Seven to ten days is generally a good time bracket for a low to mid-range prize. For “flash” pop up competitions for prizes of lower value, 48 hours is totally acceptable.


Research has been done into the optimal times to post on Instagram and in the US it’s found that 2am and 5pm are the best times according to Latergramme founder Matt Smith. However, being in Australia, this may not be easy for you which is why Later is such an amazing tool for every Instagram user to have. This app allows you to load of content and set it to post for ..well later. I’ve used it professionally and personally and have found it a charming application that does exactly what it says on the tin. No more staying up till all hours to get the best hours.

Choose just one filter

Going off the earlier point about having a theme, choosing just one filter is a must for keeping your content streamlined. You’ll generally find yourself gravitating towards one filter in particular out of a handful so try to pair it down and just stick with one. This will make your feed recognisable and people will associate it with your brand. Complete Your Bio This seems simple, yet it’s another tip that many seem to forget. Incomplete or completely empty bios are a great way to shoot yourself in the foot professionally on Instagram as your bio is where you sell yourself. Be sure to have your name, location and link to your website or Facebook in your bio. Research shows that an emoji or to (don’t overuse them) is excellent at attracting potential followers and clients.


Do you ever see those images with incredible font superimposed over them? There’s an app for that. It’s called WordSwag and it’s totally free for you to use. You can generate text over literally thousands of background images and colours to boost up your content and get your message across. Like & Comment Over the next two points, I’m going to touch on how to engage with people in your target market through your niche. The first way is liking and commenting on photos and videos that are similar to yours and getting to know other professionals in your field.

Don’t Spam

Leading off of that point it is so important not to spam. Just don’t do it. Don’t leave the same comment on every post you see, tailor them to be personal, just like you wouldn’t go up to every person you saw with a pretty dress and say “Nice dress”, don’t do it online, it’s simple etiquette.


I want to share with you an awesome app called Repost. Ever tag your friend in a great post and wish you could share it with your entire feed? Now you can. It’s fairly self-explanatory. It’s a great tool for when you don’t have an enormous amount of your own content on hand, you can post things from other feeds similar to you niche. Great news right? Crowdfire An amazing app (again for free!) Crowdfire allows you to follow the followers of influential people on Twitter (unfortunately not on Instagram any more but they still have great features.) What does this mean for me? You ask. Well, say you’re starting out and looking to follow people that are interested in beauty but don’t know where to find them. A great place to find targeted beauty enthusiasts would be for example the followers of Beautifinda. Everyone who follows Beautifinda had a reason for clicking follow and it, by a rational viewpoint would most likely be that they support the beauty/makeup/tanning community and are looking to see more posts on those things. With Crowdfire you’re able to see who is unfollowing you and who is following you, Whitelist and Blacklist and keyword follow, for example you could #hairstyles. Worth checking out.

Lastly, Be Authentic

Every one of these tips is rendered insignificant if you aren’t be your authentic self and being true to your brand. Remember that Instagram is for fun and although you should take your profession seriously, followers will always be able to tell when you are putting on a front. If you take anything away with you make sure it is that last point (but we do hope you take a little more.)

Renee Wardle @renee_wardle