So what are the hottest haircuts and trends for 2016?

We are seeing so many easy and effortless hairstyles this year. If you haven’t already noticed, many celebrities have said goodbye to extra long locks and have instead gone for shorter, sexier styles. Simple, effortless, and chic hairstyles are everywhere in 2016. Your hairstyle says a lot about you and lets you make different statements and portray yourself in different ways – all with your hair! So what are the hottest trends to try this year and how do you get them?

Always visit your local professional beauty salon when wanting to try out a new look. They specialize in how to create the most flattering haircuts for your face shape and hair texture. Ready for a fresh chop? Consider these trending hairstyles.

The Long Bob

Why it’s hot: The long bob (also known as the lob) is such a versatile hairstyle. It’s shorter than medium length hair and longer than a traditional bob. It’s meant to be worn wavy, messy, and texturized for an undone yet chic look. The long bob is flattering for almost all face shapes and is really low maintenance, honestly, who doesn’t want that? The length of a lob can vary from above your collarbone to a couple of inches below your shoulders.

Hot Hair- Longbob

The Asymmetrical Long Bob

Are you seeing a long bob trend here? The asymmetrical long bob is an unconventional twist to a pretty classic cut. This haircut offers the same chic and texturized look but with a little extra edge. The asymmetrical bob is cute and sexy. It’s also a great option for women who aren’t quite ready to go collarbone length in the front. It’s got all the charm of a lob, but without the commitment.

Hot Hair- Asymmetrical LongBob

Add Some Bangs

Bangs are definitely back in style. This year we’re seeing piecey, messy, and low maintenance bangs. They are a super easy way to completely change your look. We’re not talking about the bangs you had when you were seven years old that your mother trimmed with crafting shears. They’ve really evolved over the years and can compliment many different face shapes and styles. You can wear your bangs with any hair length, even with extra short or long hair. Make sure to see your favorite stylist to decide which type of bangs would be most flattering for your face shape.

Hot Hair- Bangs

Textured Long Layers

Long hair will always be beautiful and feminine. If you’re still holding on to your long locks, consider asking your hair stylist for long layers to add texture. Add some loose waves with a curling iron or wand for a more carefree, bohemian vibe. Don’t forget to add a little sea salt texturizing spray to enhance any natural waves.

Hot Hair- Textured Long Layers

Center Parts

If you’re looking for a classic and sleek new do, try a center part! The key to this cut is to ask your hairstylist to create a center part that is flattering for your face shape and hair length. Center parts are super chic with a vintage feel. They can be worn with all hair lengths and textures. After your stylist creates your perfect center part, try straightening your hair and adding some shine serum to add dimension.

Hot Hair- Centre Parts

Choppy Layers

If you haven’t noticed by now, texture is really in style this season. Ask your stylist for choppy layers. It’s important to decide where you want your shortest layer to start. To avoid a “retro” look, it’s best to stick to layers starting below the jaw line. When you’re ready to style your new look try some balm or wax to make your layers piecey and messy. Choppy layers look best with short to medium hair lengths and can easily be paired with your new lob.

Hot Hair- Choppy Layers

The Midi Cut

You may not be able to fully commit to the lob or to extra long hair. So what’s a girl to do when she can’t make up her mind? Have both. The midi haircut is in between a lob and medium length hair. It’s not quite short yet not quite long. This cut will always be below the shoulders. It’s important to add a little bend to the ends of the hair no matter how you’ve styled it to keep it looking bouncy and light.

Hot hair- Midi Cut