3 Tips on Styling Your Makeup to Match Your Wedding Theme

On a day as extraordinary as your wedding, there shouldn’t be any detail left for the ordinary. That’s why every aspect of your ceremony should work together towards a cohesive vision or theme, even your makeup.

Here are three tips on styling your makeup to match your wedding to ensure you look your best for the big day.

Use your wedding’s color palette

One of the easiest ways to match your makeup look to your wedding theme is to convert  your wedding color palette into your makeup color palette. You can incorporate your wedding colors into your lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish, or even your blush if you’re daring enough. If you’re worried about using colors on yourself that you originally envisioned for the decor, don’t be! You can always use a more muted variation that better complements your skin tone.

Having color continuity between your makeup and other aspects of the wedding, such as the bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s tuxedos, shows an impressive eye for detail that both ties your look together and brings your wedding theme to life.

Take inspiration from your venue

Your venue is often a direct reflection of the theme you’ve worked your wedding around. Any venue you’ve chosen – whether it’s a banquet hall or a barn – comes with its own vibe and unique atmosphere. Often, you can take a makeup cue from the feeling your venue inspires.

For example, if you’re holding your wedding in a rustic barn, your inspiration may be to keep your makeup as natural as possible. Or, if you’re celebrating your nuptials in a grand ballroom, you might be inspired to go big and glamorous with your makeup. Working within the feeling that your venue inspires is a great way to naturally or subtly match your wedding theme. 

Think about the season

Usually, you’ve planned for your wedding ceremony to be held during a specific season. Given this foreplanning, whatever season you’ve schedule your wedding in is as much a reflection of your wedding theme as the venue is, and should carry the same influence on how you do your makeup. 

For example, the autumn and winter months are generally associated with darker, earthier colors, such as dark browns or plums. The spring months are generally associated with lighter colors, such as light greens, pinks, or purples. Reflecting the expected mood and colors of the season is a trusted way to craft a makeup look that fits with the rest of your wedding.