5 Makeup Tutorials for Skin that Glows

By Natalie Petrellis

Maintaining flawless skin in extreme weather can be a nightmare. As we’ve reached the peak of summer, it’s important to make sure we’re taking care of our skin and ourselves by drinking lots of water and wearing sunscreen. And for those lazy days where you still want to make an effort to look nice, here are five makeup tutorials on creating simple makeup looks with glowing skin.

In this video, Maria Bethany creates a simple ‘summer glow’ look with L’Oreal products.


Pixiwoo have been creating makeup tutorials for almost a decade. Their tutorials are full of industry tips and tricks for beginners and professionals. Here’s one of their ‘basics’ videos for ‘healthy glow makeup’.


Also, watch Pixiwoo breakdown how to have flawless looking skin, from exfoliating to what brushes to use for different coverage. Regardless of whether you want glowing skin in summer or winter, their advice is great. The video is quite long, but it’s really worth watching.


In this video, Amena shows us how to master the technique of strobing. This is an old technique used to create hydrated and lively looking skin by emphasising the highest parts of your face, as opposed to contouring.


Finally, here is a tutorial by Katerina, who has created a simple summer dewy skin look with affordable brands. If you have dry skin, this tutorial is great.


Remember that during heat waves you can also keep it simple by only using concealer and powder, or a lightweight tinted moisturiser. But if you like a full coverage and you haven’t already invested in a good primer and/or setting spray (depending on your skin type), it will keep your makeup from melting off in the heat.