5 tax tips for beauty freelancers

By Celina Mahoney

The end of the financial year is quickly approaching here in Australia. While this can mean taking advantage of the department store stocktake sales, it also means its nearly tax time. While this can be tedious, and often stressful, there are a number of things beauty professionals can claim that they may not be aware of.

  1. Travel

One of the biggest inconveniences for freelance professionals is having to travel for appointments, meetings and training. Not only does this use your fuel, but also quickly adds mileage to your car. Luckily, this is something that can be claimed back in many circumstances. We recommend keeping a diary in your car to record when you use it for work to make your claim a lot easier come tax time.

  1. Education

Work related training courses and self-education courses (e.g. TAFE) can also be tax deductible. This can include an array of services in the beauty industry, including makeup, hair, nails and massage as well as certificates and diplomas. Plus, not only is the cost of training itself that can be claimed. In some instances travel, meals, accommodation and equipment can also be refunded. This is a great incentive for small businesses and freelancers to expand their skills and services without having to worry about hefty fees.

  1. Clothing

The clothes you wear for work can also be claimed. From skirts and pants to shirts and jackets- just make sure they have a logo on them to ensure they are eligible. You can also be refunded for laundering these items as well. Plus, if you work in an area that requires protective clothing, such as gloves or aprons, be sure to keep these receipts, as they can often be deducted as well.

  1. Phone

Do you feel like you’re always on the phone, making appointments and returning customer queries? Well you’re in luck! The costs of using your phone and Internet can often be a deduction. Often no proof is necessary, but be sure to only claim a reasonable percentage of your total bill or your claim may be rejected. Save your bills and keep note of roughly how often you use your phone for business purposes to be eligible.

  1. Tools

Building up a sufficient collection of tools as a freelancer can be tricky, but many of these items can be claimed as business necessities. Think makeup brushes, wax pots and heat tools, as well as items such as phones and laptops that assist the functioning of your business. Even smaller items, such as stationary or work-related magazines could be eligible for a refund. Plus, if you have your own salon space, furniture and some rent could be claimed. Keep a folder with all your receipts to make compiling your tax return a lot simpler.

Disclaimer: Please note that while research was conducted into these suggestions, this article should be used as a guide only. We recommend mentioning these items to your accountant to received tailored advice. We hope that it can be helpful in saving small businesses some unnecessary costs! 

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