5 Things For Beauty Businesses To Consider

by Renee Wardle

When operating a makeup or tanning business or anything in between, the tools in your kit can on occasion become a bit of a weight to lug around. Let’s for a moment consider the non-physical tools in your kit, are you utilising them? For instance do you operate a blog discussing what you do for a living? Or for instance you might have scheduling software that lets you know when your next client is due? Here we’ll look over the top five non-physical tools for any current or aspiring makeup and beauty/tanning artist.

  1. Pictures

Photographic evidence of your work is a great way to show potential clientele what your work is like and what you are capable of.

Showcasing this is especially easy with Instagram and Facebook especially in instances where you are not so computer-literate and do wish to
have an online portfolio but don’t have the capacity to make one.

2. Testimonials

Testimonials act as the backbone of your business. Without the positive review of your customer, your ROI (Return On Investment) would be nil and you would be out of business. Setting up a platform where your customers can share their experiences with you is an excellent way to increase your profits and engage new clients. When you go to eat somewhere, you generally rely on the good word of others, no? It’s the same for services provided with makeup and tanning, the better recommended you come, the more customers you will be likely to have. See a review below for Makeup Artist: Katie Winkler

“ Katie did an incredible job doing doing my makeup on my wedding day! She helped keep me calm when I was starting to get nervous and worked efficiently having to get through 7 women in one morning. Our makeup and eyelashes lasted all day even through some tears and windy conditions!

Could not recommend more highly 🙂 “

3. Social Media Of Choice

As discussed, Facebook and Instagram are fantastic for showcasing pictures of completed looks from client bookings, however there are other uses for the applications, as well as other social media applications to use. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Foursquare, Tumblr and more can be used to take bookings, build shops, r equest reviews and importantly build brand awareness.

Each individual business owner has their own personal brand. It starts from the moment you conceptualise your business in your mind, before you even think of the title of your business. Your brand is what you carry around with you to every appointment and is what keeps your clients coming back to you. Being online can only serve to benefit building your brand. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, even Snapchat are interactive and can lead clients to connect with you and get deeper insight into what you’re all about.

4. Business Cards

Business cards are not a thing of the past! Although the world is much online now the humble business card is alive and well, sitting in the wallets of people ready to be read and dialled. You need business cards. Not 10,000. Not straight away at least, however there will come a time where someone will ask you about your phone number or details and it is much more professional than writing it down.

Business cards are also ideal for marketing. There will be roadblocks with shopfronts denying you entry to put your cards in their display but persevere as local smaller businesses are likely to help out startups.

And lastly..

5. An Amazing Attitude

You cannot expect to build a business with an abominable attitude. That being said it’s not necessary to be super upbeat and chipper if that isn’t who you truly are. If you’re more of a relaxed, yoga loving, quinoa eating, green tea drinking type of person, then playing EDM in the background of your booking might not be your style. The takeaway from this segment is that you should stay true to your own brand and persona while remaining professional and courteous at all times. A stellar attitude can beat a mirage of issues.

What do you think is necessary for start up makeup/tanning businesses?

Renee Wardle


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