6 Best WordPress Themes for Beauty Professionals

By Natalie Petrellis

Beautifinda Media specialises in websites for the beauty industry. Below is our pick of WordPress themes for makeup artists, spray tanners and hair stylists.

Choosing a WordPress theme can be a difficult task. Of course your content is the most important component, but how you present your content can make or break your relationship with potential clients. When using WordPress, you may want to think about whether you want to use it as a portfolio or if you’d like to write as well. This all informs your decision of what theme to choose, as WordPress provides a massive variety of Premium and Free themes for you to use.

When looking at themes, play around with the live demo and see how your blog or portfolio will look on a tablet, phone, and desktop. Look for themes that match your brand and style, and whether they emphasise images over text. I would suggest going for something that is sleek and simple as it looks much more professional. So here are six WordPress themes best for Beauty Professionals:

Blask is reminiscent of some Tumblr themes but it is much sleeker. It’s a free theme and its easy to navigate portfolio style is perfect for showing off your beauty skills.

Spun is a quirky theme that is also free to use. The main page features circular black and white images (that are also links), which turn to colour when your cursor hovers over them. These pops of colour are exciting and can ‘wow’ potential clients.

Snaps is a beautiful and standard portfolio theme, which is great for showcasing portraits.

Gridspace is just superb. Like Snaps, it features portraits on the main page but with a left sidebar. You can click on these portraits which link to a slideshow of images from that event/shoot with text underneath. It’s minimal and straight to the point. The free Snaps theme could be considered as an alternative if you’d prefer not to pay.

Didi is very elegant and classy and would be suitable for beauty bloggers or those who often do weddings. There is a lot of space to write and share tips, but it’s not a portfolio.

Qua is my last pick as it functions as a multipurpose theme for bloggers and artists. It’s perfect if you want to write a little or a lot, as it is such a versatile design. Like many WordPress themes, you can play around with the formatting to completely change the feel of the blog.

Remember to take your time when choosing a theme, especially if you are purchasing one. Think about what you want to show and what your brand represents. You can always switch themes, but getting it right earlier on can help you to promote your skills in the way that’s right for you.

Hope you enjoyed 6 Best WordPress Themes for Beauty Professionals!!

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