6 Things to Look for in a Wedding Makeup Artist

By Celina Mahoney

All brides want to look and feel beautiful on their big day, and choosing the right makeup artist plays a huge role in this! We’ve come up with our top 6 tips for what to look for.

  1. Testimonials

First of all, it’s important to find an artist who is credible. A quick Google search is not going to cut it for your big day so be ready to put in some research! Look up reviews and make sure many other clients were happy with the result they got, not just 3 or 4 of the MUAs friends. This is also vital in checking their reliability- the last thing you want is a cancellation a week before the wedding! Reading lots of reviews and asking around will assist you in making a well-informed decision.

  1. Portfolios

A portfolio of recent work is the next most important step when you begin searching for your wedding MUA. Whilst an artist may have rave reviews, if they specialize in smokey eyes and full glam, when you want a natural bronze glow, there may be a better option for you. Have a look through all of their images and make sure there are at least a few looks similar to what you’re hoping to achieve. Plus, all listings on Beautifinda have images attached, so we’ve done the hard work for you!

  1. Good communication

Good communication is key to achieving the perfect look! Your MUA will know tips and tricks that will specifically flatter your features, but at the end of the day you have to feel comfortable with the finished product. This is why being comfortable with your artist and able to speak up if something is not quite right is important. We suggest having a face-to-face meeting before you book your appointment. Take along some photos of looks you like and have a good chat. If you feel like they’re not getting your vibe, or aren’t open to suggestion, keep on looking!

  1. Experience

Weddings are no ordinary event: they are generally filled with nerves, emotion and run to a tight schedule! Therefore, it’s not only important to find a MUA that is an experienced artist, but has also done weddings in the past. This way a teary mother-daughter moment, a bridesmaid meltdown or a pesky photographer is not going to faze them in the least. A cool, calm and collected artist is very important- after all, they are responsible for putting your best face forward!

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  1. Budget

The saying “you get what you pay for” rings true in a lot of cases, and weddings are no exception. Be wary of anyone offering services that seem far too cheap as they may include numerous hidden costs, such as false eyelashes and having to buy your own lipstick from their collection. However, opting for the most expensive service doesn’t necessarily mean the best results either. Instead, we suggest comparing different prices and speaking with the MUA to find out exactly what the quoted price includes. You’ll get the best service for your budget with no unforeseen charges!

  1. Trials

 Once you’ve put in the hard yards and found your makeup artist, the last thing to do before your big day is have a trial run. Not only will this help determine their reliability, you can make sure you’re 100% satisfied with their work before your wedding. We recommend booking your trial in the morning or before an event, so you can also gauge how long it will last before touch ups are needed. Once you’re looking fabulous and feel confident it will last all day, you can be sure you’ve found the perfect wedding MUA for you!

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