A Day in The Life of MUA Maya Nelluri

By Britt Cunningham

Maya Nelluri has a successful, intriguing makeup and styling business. From her studio in Sydney, she transforms women for some of the biggest events of their lives, ensuring they feel confident and beautiful. Maya provides hair, makeup and saree-draping services. Aside from bridal and special occasion beauty, she’s also worked with some of the biggest Tollywood stars, preparing their hair and makeup for photo shoots and films.

Often, it’s the small daily routines people carry out that add up to big results! So what does a day in Maya’s life look like? We sat down to find out how this successful self-made professional grows her beauty and styling business.

What does your morning routine look like, Maya?

‘Indian weddings begin early in the day so plenty of mornings find me waking up early to meet with my clients and begin preparing for their big day. However, on the mornings I don’t have early appointments, I sleep in pretty late- I’m quite a night owl! Once I am up, I begin my day with a drink of hot water- never coffee, juice or tea that isn’t green.’

Do you have much of a daily routine?

‘My days vary tremendously depending on my appointments. I love how much variety this creates- every day is new and exciting!’

How does your workday begin?

‘Typical bridal or industry appointments are carried out either in my Sydney studio or on location. We begin the appointment reviewing our previous conversations regarding the plans for hair and makeup, and ensuring the client feels comfortable. Once I am sure we are both happy with the styles, I begin preparing the hair, complete the makeup look, and go back and finish the hair. After that is complete, I move on to saree-draping if required. I also have had several appointments only for saree-draping as I am proficient in multiple styles of draping. Professionals in this niche are difficult to find in Sydney.’

What is your favourite feature of your work space?

‘I love makeup lights and lamps! In my studio my favourite features are the makeup lights on my makeup mirror and the massive black and gold satellite lamp that sits in the corner.’

How do you manage social media throughout your day?

‘I have to confess that I am not as active on social media as I’d like to be. I am an introvert by nature and prefer to keep to myself so I struggle to post personal things in a public forum. I tend to keep everything professional on the social media front and try to schedule updates to my Facebook page regularly. The great thing about Facebook is that you can schedule multiple updates on one day so you don’t need to worry about doing it daily.’

How do you wind down from your day as a MUA?

‘I like to wind down with a good comedy show or I watch home renovation shows. I’m addicted to both!’

To find out more about Maya’s captivating business, head over to her Beautifinda profile here.

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