Bayside Makeup Artist

This week we are speaking to Melbourne bayside makeup artist Brittanie Ryan.

Which geographic areas do you operate in?

South Eastern Bayside suburbs

What’s your background and qualifications, how does that help your clients?

I have always had an interest in makeup so I completed my Diploma of Specialist Makeup in 2015 at the Academy of Makeup. The knowledge and experience I gained from my time at the academy helps my clients, as I gained a more professional approach to different styles of makeup suited to unique face types and ages, as well as the importance of cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to handling my products and clients. 

What’s your beauty philosophy?

Makeup should be used to enhance beauty and boost confidence

What’s trending in make up at the moment?

Definitely strobing/highlighting. I love a good highlight on the high points of the face! Eg. brow bone and top of cheek bone.

What’s your 1 hot make up tip for clients?

It’s a crime not to prime! Using a primer before applying foundation helps make the makeup last and stay flawless for longer.

What’s your 1 hot beauty tip?

Always look after your skin! Preparing the skin before doing the makeup is just as important as the application. I always cleanse and moisturise my clients face to ensure a I have a clean, hydrated base to work with

How do you personally find beauty everyday?

Everyone has imperfections so I find it important to note one thing in my look that I am happy with everyday whether it be with makeup or without.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Buying makeup of course! I love trying new brands and experimenting with different products to try and find the best for my clients.

How do clients get in touch?

Clients can view my work on my instagram @brittryanmua or searching ‘Britt Ryan Makeup Artist’ on Facebook. Also feel free email for any quotes or other enquiries.

It was great speaking with Melbourne makeup artist Brittanie Ryan- Thanks!

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