Beauti-Fully Inspiring Women || Darcy Spinks

By Celina Mahoney

Who is Darcy Spinks? 

Modelling from the age of 10, Darcy has worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands, including Kmart, Target, Myer, Seed Heritage and Top Shop. In 2016 she achieved one of her biggest accomplishments, making it into the Top 10 Miss Universe finalists for Australia. Not only does she manage all her own work and bookings, Darcy is also studying journalism, with plans to add a nutrition degree to the list. As a health and fitness addict, she hopes to work as a TV presenter in the future and inspire others to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

On an everyday basis, what does your beauty routine consist of? 

On a every day basis my beauty routine consists of me waking up and cleansing my face with my favourite skin care DMK – their cleanser is amazing and I wash my face every morning and night. After cleansing and moisturising, I then apply a little bit of foundation and a touch of mascara and off I go! As for my hair, I usually leave it straight or put a wave through it for a nice beachy texture.

When it comes to hair/makeup/tanning, do you DIY or get a professional?

Hair and make up I can do myself, as I like to keep it very minimal and natural looking for my every day, but for events I seek other help (I’m definitely no professional). Tanning on the other hand, I get a professional. I’m terrible at tanning myself and have found that it comes up a nicer more natural glow when I go to my local beauty salon – they definitely do a better job than me.

Tell us about your pampering routine. 

My pampering routine consists of me going to visit the beautiful ladies at HUD Skin & Body (A beauty salon on St Kilda Road, Melbourne), and they take care of me. My usual treatment is the DMK Enzyme facial, which relaxes and rejuvenates my skin. I also visit them to get my eyebrows shaped and tinted and my lashes curled – they are the best in the business.

It’s Saturday night: are you watching movies on the couch or at glam party?

Saturday nights are generally my social night out, I really do enjoy getting glammed up. But if I have had a busy week (which I usually do), I sometimes resort to a quiet Saturday night in watching movies, it is very relaxing.

What are your top 3 Holy Grail beauty products?

All of my DMK Skin care products, I honestly couldn’t live with out them – they have changed my life.

My mascara – never under estimate what mascara can do for you!

I definitely can’t go past my Natural Nude Mineral Powder – when you are on the run, this powder helps to give your skin a little bit of natural colour, without looking like you’ve caked on the make up. Its great for every day wear.

If you could give our readers one piece of beauty advice, what would it be?

My best beauty advice would be to really care and look after your skin. If you are someone like me and really enjoy being out in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen to protect and keep your skin feeling soft. Also, I highly recommend using DMK Skin Care products – I have been using for the past year and my skin has really transformed.

With plans to compete in the Miss Universe competition in the future, as well as launching a blog and website, Darcy is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

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