Beauti-Fully Inspiring Women | Taryn Williams | the Right Fit 

by Samantha McIntyre

I recently had the great pleasure of sitting down for brekky with the beautiful and inspiring – Taryn Williams of The right fit!! Yeah!

After a chat on Melbourne’s cold cold weather we got down to business to chat all things about being an entrepreneur, beauty and what makes her thrive and have such an amazing glow and generally be super awesome, super smart and just a strong women!!

So I wanted to know all the secrets behind the all things Taryn, so:

Tell me about the right fit and your inspiration for starting it?

The right fit is an advertising talent platform that directly connects freelancers and consultants with brands and agencies. It’s a community of influencers, videographers, photographers, models, actors, makeup artists, stylists, and more.

It means brands and agencies can search, book, and pay all in one seamless, online transaction.

I really want to solve the pain points of the creative community and how each part worked together, having been in the industry I knew there was a great opportunity and I wanted to bring everything together in one place and expedite all processes to the benefit of both parties!

Tell me about being an entrepreneur?

Well when I started 11 years ago as an entrepreneur, being an entrepreneur wasn’t a thing – there wasn’t an ecosystem around start-ups. I just didn’t really realise. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by peers who were doing interesting things so it just a natural progression for me.

Starting a company – yes this is normal!

How do we encourage girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology)?

We need to over celebrate the amazing success stories in the market place that are technology – ladies like Julie Stevanja from Stylerunner – she runs a tech company.

We need to let young girls know what is possible and start to see tech as not just sitting around with a bunch of geeks – we need to tell the story differently.

What inspires you?

Seeing other people and hearing their stories and how they just keep going and they thrive and they are successful. Surrounding myself with positive people – I get energy, surrounding myself with people who are different, have different ideas and how they succeed in different ways. 

I love seeing how people have a bad day and how they create amazing companies through the tough days! I love the book ‘The Hard things about Hard things’ by Ben Horowitz.

I think to myself when I am having a bad day and things aren’t going to plan – it is not as difficult as what Ben has been through. It helps me keep perspective.

You are a stong women – tell me what makes you strong?

I just really love solving problems and connecting things, bringing people together to fix things, making things happen and resolving issues. It feels nourishing to me. It gives me energy.

How do you keep yourself feeling good?

I train. I have to exercise – it keeps me balanced – without exercise my team are like ‘Oh no!!’.

Plus being around great people – I spent the other night with a couple of amazing women over dinner, chatting and catching up for ‘6 hours’. That is the stuff that makes me feel good.

What does Beauty mean to you?

It means being confident, self assured, taking care of yourself – physically, mentally. You meet some people and from across the other side of the room – you are going ‘Wow’. They just radiant – you can see it! It attracts you.

And what is in your Beauty regime?

I am totally into Rosehip oil – on my skin at night. It is my go to. I also get regular Laser facials. I also am not brand loyal. I am not someone to go out looking – products more find me – most often recommended to me. I use ‘Simple’ moisturiser.

I am also into lots of supplements and probiotics and I also have regular Vitamin B shots – you will sleep like the dead after one of these shots – soooo good!  Plus I also take Amarforce – it has olive leaf and echinacea – you will not get sick on this. Oh and magnesium at night.

(Man – Taryn is actually an entrepreneurial power lifter!!)   

What is in Taryn’s handbag?

My laptop, business cards, phone charger, headphones, mobile and a pen. From a beauty perspective – my Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream. I have one in all my bags, in the car. It is my beauty hack for everything – I use it for cheek highlighter, frizzy hair, a pulled nail – everything!

So I notice that you are not a lipstick girl?

No I tend to get it all over my face when I talk and all over my teeth. It is all about the brows for me – Marlie from Honey Tusk eyebrows’ saved my life and my face. My eyebrows used to be over plucked and horrible – now they are amazing!

Taryn’s list of go – to products:

Rosehip Oil 20ml (available online at Priceline on sale 40% off – $15.59) 

Simple moisturiser 50ml (available online at Priceline on sale 40% off – $2.39)

Amarforce (BioCeuticials) (available at Pharmacy’s)

Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream (available at Adore beauty – $28.00)

Plus – Honey Tusk Eyebrow studio for amazing brows! Look up Marnie!

Love your work Taryn – thanks for catching up with Beautifinda xx Check out the right fit