Beauty Influencer Spotlight || Beauty By Tabitha

With Marnie Cohen

TABITHA PETERS || Make-Up Entrepreneur and Beauty Extraordinaire, Perth AUS


INSTGRAM|| @beautybytabitha.x

Who is Tabitha?

Natural Glow? Done. Costume Creations? Done. Scary Special Effects? Done.

Tabitha Peters is delivering amazing makeup looks every single time and we just love her in every way! Years of hard work flaunting super looks on Instagram has definitely paid off for this Perth babe, accumulating over 100K followers in a short space of time. We are always tuning in to see what head-turning looks she will show off next! Her quick tutorials and stunning photos capture the essence of sheer talent and beauty. In 2017, Tabitha is taking her love for makeup to a whole new level, recently launching her own makeup line: Starlust Cosmetics! Already climbing the popularity ladder on Instagram, Tabitha’s brand and iconic ‘Sirius Glow’ powder is already seeing followers fall in love with her products! If the beginning is ready this good, then 2017 is set to be a super year for Tabitha and all things beauty.

Our favourite looks  (all images via @beautybytabitha.x on instagram)

Q: What made you launch your Instagram/Youtube page? 

T: I’ve always had a passion for makeup, from when I could afford it really! It would be 10 years ago; there’s nothing more amazing then sharing my passion with the world, and communicating with other beauties all over the world. It’s so amazing! I’ve started to venture into making Instagram videos to show my skill off and share all my new beauty products and Holy Grail products! 

Q: What is your current go-to make up product?

T: My most amazing current go-to makeup product would have to be hands down the Rose Gold Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette! I’ve hit pan in majority of shadows already haha!! It’s such a versatile palette; the shadows are so creamy and easy to apply. It’s a little pricey but so worth it! 

If I can add another product, it would have to be the Anastasia Lip Palette Vol. 1- I’ve only recently added that beauty to my collection but I’ve already had so much fun creating looks and mixing colours. It’s the best lip palette that anyone could ever get their hands on, they also dry quite matte but not completely.

Q: Who are your biggest beauty influencers?

T: My biggest beauty influencer would have to be Brookelle Mckenzie (@bybrookelle) 

She’s an absolute babe! 

And every other person that is into beauty! It’s such a pleasure to be able to share such an amazing passion with such a wide variety of people, and see people’s different techniques and learn new ways! 

Q: If you weren’t in the beauty industry, what would you be doing? 

T: The beauty industry has opened up so many massive opportunities for me! It’s crazy to think how far I’ve come and if it weren’t for being in the beauty industry I would probably be doing nothing! HAHA! However, I’ve always wanted to help care for animals, so maybe something in that direction. But I honestly am so blessed to live the life I have and to have so many opportunities arise it’s just such a positive atmosphere to work in! 

Q: What are your goals for 2017?

T: I have smashed a lot of goals recently some I didn’t think I ever would.

I have just started up my new cosmetic line and accessories! It’s called Starlust Cosmetics! It’s going so well and I’ve only been up and running for a few months. But I would love to be a successful business owner by the end of the year. Not working two jobs to satisfy my makeup addiction would be a dream! 

I hope to open my own factory and office here in Perth hopefully by the end of this year! It would be a massive accomplishment for me! And I will be focusing on instagram a lot more and making videos!