Beauty Influencer Spotlight || Javier Brice

With Marnie Cohen

JAVIER BRICE || MUA and Instagram extraordinaire, Western Australia AUS


Who is Javier Brice?

The ever honest and hard working Javier Brice is climbing her way to instagram stardom. After she began posting live makeup videos across Facebook, a natural following began to grow. For the talented Perth local, her bold looks and hunger for success has driven her to pursue a career in makeup. Amongst all her hot looks and amazing live tutorials, Javier is busy being a mum to a beautiful baby girl. Working alongside amazing brands such as Crush and Klara Cosmetics, it’s no wonder she is the centre of social media attention. On the rise in 2017, Javier is throwing all her energy into growing her makeup and hair business and to continue slaying the ‘gram all year round.

Our favourite looks  (all images via on instagram)

A Quick Question&Answer

Q: What made you launch your Instagram page?

J: I started to do live feeds on a makeup page and they went hand in hand. Beauty is something I honestly love so I want to be able to reach out to others and really help and grow with them. For me this isn’t a hobby; this is my passion and my love. 

Q: What is your current go-to make up product?

J: I’m obsessing over my Jeffree Starr king tut highlighter. It honestly looks amazing on anyone, I have 3 of them and would happily bathe in it if I could!! It even looks beautiful on the high points over a tinted moisturiser. 

Q: Who are your biggest beauty influencers?

J: My biggest inspos are Lauren Curtis, Brittany Lee Saunders and Tati Westbrook. To me, youtubers are amazing. They put themselves out there, having no idea who might see their videos and it really gives me the confidence to build myself to hopefully be there one day. They try new looks; new products and no matter the outcome, are always honest and I love that.

Q: If you weren’t in the beauty industry, what would you be doing?

J: I always wanted to be a lawyer, I love a good argument, but I realised that I really didn’t have the passion and commitment like I do to my makeup so I decided to put my heart and soul into my hair and makeup.

Q: What are your goals for 2017?

J: My goals are huge for this year, I will be entering the 2017 NYX face awards, really going hard on my YouTube and starting it up. I also have a goal to try my hardest to be at 20K on Instagram by the end of the year. Big goals for hopefully a big year!!

  1. Such a beautiful lady inside and out. So much talent too. I can’t wait to see what you have installed for 2017 xx

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