Beauty Influencer Spotlight || Savannah Kyriazopoulos (SAVANNAH MUA)

With Marnie Cohen

SAVANNAH MUA || Make Up Artist, Youtube newbie and All Round Mega Babe, Wollongong/Sydney, NSW

INSTGRAM|| @savannahmakeupartist

YOUTUBE || “Savannah Kyriazopoulous” in your search bar!

Who is Savannah Kyriazopoulos?

Insane amounts of good things can be said about the amazing Savannah. Her Instagram page has been the centre of attention for a number of years, with an amazing display of dynamic looks catching the world’s eyes. Her client ‘glow ups’ are perfect every time, and she takes the selfie game to another level. Her fierce brows, sensational lashes and voluptuous lips round out Savannah’s staple look – and she kills it every time. Due to hot demand, Savannah often takes her make up work out of Wollongong, to visit lucky clients in Sydney and interstate as well. 2017 is set to be a big year for Savannah, as she has finally launched her Youtube Channel (I’ve been dying for this !!) so you can expect more amazing things to come from this amazing girl!

Our favourite looks  (all images via @savannahmakeupartist on instagram)

A Quick Question&Answer

Q: What made you launch your Instagram page?

S: I’m a huge fan of Instagram, I actually prefer Instagram over Facebook! I’ve had an Instagram account for years now, but what got me hooked is being able to see and connect with so many people in the same industry. I also find Instagram is a huge platform for the beauty industry which is awesome.

Q: What is your current go-to make up product?

S: My current go to makeup product would definitely have to be my Dip Brow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills, especially on days I feel like wearing minimal to no makeup… good brows are all we need!

Q: Who are your biggest beauty influencers?

S:  Amrezy (@amrezy), Carli Bybel (@carlibybel) Makeup with Jah (@makeupwithjah) & Jaz Hand (@makeupby_jaz) are all Instagram stalk worthy! I love lurking their accounts (in a totally non creepy way) for fashion or makeup inspo!

Q: If you weren’t in the beauty industry, what would you be doing?

S: Definitely something in the creative industry!

Q: What are your goals for 2017?

S: My 2017 goals are to collaborate with more artists and creatives and get my YouTube channel up and running. I want to make time to film & post regularly!