Beauty Secrets for the Party Season

By Abigail Jones

As the peak party period makes its annual appearance, it’s time to get savvy when it comes to getting glammed up! Luckily, Beautifinda has got you covered with some fool-proof tips on how to slay your way through the party season.

Pucker up

Every gal wants her lipstick to last through the hours of eating, drinking and partying – is that too much to ask? Sometimes it sure does feel like it! Well, fret not lipstick lovers, we got you! The next time you’re sporting a rocking lippy, dab some setting powder – the kind you would usually use to set your foundation – onto your lips. Just as with foundation, the powder sets the lipstick, locking the colour in tight! Pucker up butter cup!

Goodbye Glossy

The only things we want glistening this party season are the disco lights, so it’s time to say bye-bye to the all-too-familiar glossy t-zone feeling! If setting powder isn’t enough to keep the shine at bay, slip a pack of blotting tissues in your purse and you’re just one dab away from a fabulous foundation finish.


Fake lashes are a cosmetic godsend, and have the potential to transform any makeup look from doom and gloom to va va voom. So, there’s nothing worse than when your perfectly placed lashes become unstuck during a night out. A simple solution is to carry a little tube of lash glue in your purse – that way if disaster strikes you need only a trip the lady’s room to fix that lash dilemma! How fabu-lash!

Spray and glow

It’s always fun to sport a glittering, metallic eyeshadow at glamourous parties and special events – it’s the perfect makeup statement.  If your pressed glitter eyeshadow just won’t make the cut, and you’re not in possession of a pigmented crème, spray some finishing or setting spray onto an eyeshadow brush before applying, and watch as your eyeshadow turns from mediocre to magnificent! The setting spray magically transforms any pressed glitter powder into a dazzling, metallic dream! You can even use this trick when applying highlighter for a super dramatic, glowing look.

Set it, baby

It seems that there are never enough hours in the day – particularly when it comes to applying and drying fake tan! It’s difficult to achieve the perfect application to setting-time ratio! And there’s no feeling worse than attending a party with fresh, wet fake tan. Well, baby powder is here to eliminate your fake-tanning woes! Dust your freshly bronzed skin with baby powder and watch as it sets in minutes!

Stress-less tresses

Once again baby powder is here to save the day – this time it’s rescuing our oily roots! Don’t have time to wash the locks and your dry-shampoo is MIA? Sprinkle some baby powder onto a brush and swipe over the roots and any other oily areas.  The baby powder miraculously absorbs the oils, leaving you with beautiful tresses and minimised stresses.

Hopefully these beauty secrets will have you feeling party-ready in no time!