Why you should book makeup spring races

Ah, here’s spring. When florals, brights and iced tea make their long awaited comeback. But for many Melbournian’s, we await another thing, a Carnival like no other; where horses run fast, the sun shines like a diamond, and new fashion trends start hitting the media.

Yes, that’s right: I’m talking Melbourne’s annual Spring Race carnival season!

It’s a time for joy, a time for fun, and a time for beautiful fashion and makeup. And in the heat of it all, when every woman is vying for the attention of Best Dressed, it’s easy to lose sight of what your hair might be doing, or that tan, or how well your makeup is holding up.

So I’m here to give you a few hacks to ensure your day at the Spring Races makeup and beauty goes as flawlessly as you deserve.


You want bright, you want pink and you want fabulous when deciding on your lipstick for a day at the Races. What you don’t want is smearing on your teeth and bleeding on your chin.

So, when deciding on your fave lippy for the day, do me a favour and pick something matte. Think Kylie Jenner; not only are your lips sure to pop from your face in a way that’ll make the boys stop and the girls turn green with envy, your lips will stay flawless all day.

Try either of these cruelty-free brands: ColourPop or NYX.

Setting Powder

It doesn’t seem like such an important thing, but I beg you ladies: bake your faces for as long as possible. For people with oil-prone skin, a setting powder is essential in your everyday routine, but especially when preparing for the Races, when the wind will be high and the drinks will be a-flowing, a fantabulous translucent powder like Laura Mercier’s will do just the trick to keep the shine away from your forehead and firmly on where you want it to be.

Try: Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder or Rimmel Insta Fix and Matte Powder.


You’ll most likely want to stick with the theme of ‘Spring’ for your Spring Races eye makeup, which might mean lots of colour, or only two of your favourite neutrals with a pop around the inner corners. But, ladies, no matter the case, I urge you to invest in a small quad palette—an eye shadow palette that holds four of your most important shadows: that is, a shimmer, your two main eye shadow colours and something a bit darker for shading under the eye.

This way, if something bad even dares to mess with you on the big day, you’ll have the perfect backup plan: it fits in your clutch and can be whipped out in the bathroom for quickie emergencies.

Try: Anything from Chanel to Maybelline, as long as it’s got your choice of colours!

Now, when you’re getting ready for the races, you’ll have all your bases covered. These hacks will make sure every photo you take is worth showing off to every person you meet!

To book a makeup artist in Melbourne that comes to you for Spring Racing click below!!