Best sunscreen that won’t break you out

By Claire Seymour

Living in Australia means that ol’ mate the sun is quite harsh on us and unavoidable at times. It is imperative that we protect our skin from the intense rays if we want to avoid looking like a leather bag with skin cancer at the age of 50. Yet often many of us avoid sunscreen at times because of the greasiness and chance of a breakout on skin. So we have looked far and wide for some of the best sunscreens to protect you without making your skin breakout.

Avéne – very high protection mineral cream SPF50+ – $45 Available at Avéne online/adore beauty online, strawberry net.

This sunscreen is perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. It can be such a pain when you do have this annoying affliction, since any kind of unknown cream with scents and oils can send your face into overdrive and end up with a hefty breakout or red raw skin. Avéne is such an amazing brand for sensitive skin, and their sunscreen provides maximum protection, definitely worth every dollar.

Cancer council pink active dry touch sunscreen SPF50+ – $14.99 – available at Priceline.

The cancer council are always a brand to trust when it comes to sun protection, and this sunscreen always provides excellent coverage. It is heavy duty without feeling greasy or cakey, and provides an oil-free formula. Overall a great product from a brand that always delivers.

La roche-posay anthelios XL comfort cream SPF50+ – $28.99 – available at Priceline.

Another great brand for the sensitive skin out there is la roche-posay, which has a multitude of skin care products for people who suffer from rosacea to acne and everywhere in between. It’s a light consistency with a non-greasy formula which is great for highly sensitive skin and won’t produce a breakout.

Neutrogena ultra-sheer fluid SPF 50 facial sunscreen – $19.99 – available at Priceline.

Neutrogena does a good job of providing an incredibly light moisturising sunscreen with maximum protection. It practically glides on the skin and doesn’t feel cakey or oily throughout the day. Since of its sheer texture it’s a great sunscreen to layer underneath your makeup.

Cetaphil UVA UVB defence SPF 50 – $19.99 – available at Priceline.

This is a moisturiser which provides high protection while also being a great match for ultra-sensitive skin. So basically it’s the best of both worlds, and will get you into a routine of applying sunscreen every day, which is definitely a worthwhile habit to get into.

Invisible zinc face and body SPF 50 – $19.99 – available at Priceline.

For the zinc lovers out there this is a great option for sun protection. A lot of us may remember our youth with a thick smudge of pink or blue zinc running over our cheeks and nose, don’t get me wrong I’m down for a bit of coloured zinc every now and then, but this invisible zinc goes undetected which is perfect for everyday use.