What’s hot this winter in hair makeup and nails

Winter trends in hair makeup and nails

Mauve Lipstick

One of the things that’s hot this winter in hair makeup and nails is mauve lipstick. This look has been trending lately thanks to Kylie Jenner’s new lip kit that sparked a whole new lip color sensation. This look creates a natural lip but with more depth. Mauve toned lipstick is darker than nude shades and can add fullness to your lips while keeping them looking natural. Pair this look with a matching lip liner to give your pout a little more pucker.

Hot winter trend- Mauve lipstick

Highlight, Highlight, Highlight 

Highlighting (also known as strobing) is one of the most beautiful makeup trends. Use a highlighter in champagne or pearlescent tones to create a youthful glow all season long. With this look, you don’t have to have summer sun kissed skin to pull it off. You can enhance your natural skin tone, look brighter, and younger with highlighting. When first trying out this trend, go slow. Start with a small amount of highlighter and build it up as you need it. Too much highlighter can make your complexion look like an oil slick. The main purpose of this trend is to look dewy and natural, so use highlighters sparingly until you achieve your desired look. You can find highlighters in liquid and powder form. Both are great but you’ll have to find what works best for you. Liquid highlighters can be applied with more precision and can definitely offer a more noticeable glow. They can be applied using your fingers, makeup brush, or beauty blender. Powder highlighters are great too and can offer a more subtle glow. They are best applied using a makeup brush, and don’t forget to blend! Go ahead, try it now and get glowing.

Hot winter trend- Highlight

Deep Nail Colors

 I know it’s hard sometimes to step out of your nail color comfort zone. Start slow and opt for deeper, darker colors this winter like maroon, turquoise, and plum shades. These darker shades are more muted than their summer shade counterparts, but can really flatter the tone of your winter skin. Of course, if you’re not ready to take the plunge into darker shade territory, mauve is not just popular for lipstick. A deep shade of mauve can be very natural and flattering on manicured nails. Also, at your next manicure appointment, consider a gel manicure. The polish can last for up to three weeks and is sure to stay chip free with lots of gorgeous shine and volume.

Hot winter trend- Deep nail colours

Get a Fresh Chop

 After a long summer of sunshine, pools, and salt water, your hair can surely show signs of distress going into the winter months. Not only does a fresh new haircut feel good, it looks good too. Medium hair is definitely everywhere we look this season. Go for a long bob or a mid length cut just below the shoulders. Don’t be afraid to play with bangs, layers, and bold colors.

Hot winter trend- Get a fresh chop

Go for Bold Hair Color

Bold hair color is definitely in this season. Platinum blonde, deep red, and even non-traditional colors like pink and gray. Yes, I did just say gray. Many women go darker in the winter because of having fairer skin. This is a huge misconception. For many women, going to a shade of light cool blonde is much more flattering and less of a wash out. Although ombre is on its way out, balayage highlights are definitely still a must have. Balayage is a beautiful hair color method that entails hand painting highlights. The root is kept a bit darker and lighter highlights are painted on for a more natural look and an easy grow out.

Hot winter trend- Bold hair colour