Booking a makeup artist with Beautifinda

By Boe Eyking

A couple of months ago I was in struggle city. One of the most exciting and fun events of the year was on, but I was super stressed. I had my University ball, this event is so high in demand people begin lining up at 1am to buy tickets, crazy right!!

Of course, being an unorganised broke Uni student I left booking my makeup and hair very very late. I ended up late night stalking on Instagram, desperate to find someone to do my hair and makeup – and let me tell you, it is bloody hard! You can’t just search ‘makeup’ and the closet makeup artists to you will pop up. No, there’s professionals from America and Europe and interstate, makeup artists with hundreds of thousands of followers who definitely won’t paint my face for under $100.

By 1am I was looking a little like this:

And after hundreds of pages visited and around 30 desperate dm’s I was still at square one. I decided to resort to Google – crazy right?! I couldn’t believe it either, Instagram had failed me 🙁 My search entries went along the lines of ‘cheap makeup artist near me’ and ‘good hair stylists in Melbourne’. I found a couple of websites and sent some emails off, but it being 1.30am, no one was replying. By this point I begun contemplating doing my own makeup, before remembering that I’m  actually terrible and I would probably end up in this situation:

I sent some very angry and annoyed texts to my best friend, who was asleep, and then decided to sleep on my unorganised issues.

I woke up to a text from my BFF of a link. I followed the link and ended up on Beautifinda.

This website changed my life!!!!

A platform that allowed unorganised and stressed people, like me, to instantly link up with beauty professionals, book a range of beauty services AND the professionals can even come to your home! I thought I was in heaven!

I reached out to two hair and makeup professionals and within the day I had responses from both. Now I had too many choices! I umm’d and ahh’d between the two ladies and ended up choosing Sarah, a lovely lady who was willing to come to my house and make me look presentable for my ball.

A week later Sarah arrived with a suitcase full of goodies, painted my face and curled some Victoria Secret lookalike curls in my hair. She was incredible! I got so many compliments on the night and felt a million bucks (dollars?).

So, moral of the story, don’t stay up until 1am desperately sliding into makeup artists dm’s and jump straight onto Beautifinda!!