Brow Tattooing: Pros and Cons

 By Celina Mahoney

Eyebrows have become a key focus of the makeup industry in recent years, with thinly waxed brows a thing of the past for many beauty devotees. However if you aren’t naturally blessed like Cara Delevingne, achieving “on fleek” brows can be tricky, frustrating and very time consuming. But luckily, the makeup Gods heard our silent pleas for help from the bathroom, answering with a new alternative that is taking the industry by storm: feather tattooing. While celebs and influencers alike are now regularly seen boasting beautifully bold brows, it can seem a little daunting! We’ve decided to put in some research and compile a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether brow tattooing is right for you.


  1. Perfect brows without the hassle

One of the biggest benefits is having great brows, all the time! Unlike pencils, pomades and powders, your tattooed brows won’t fade or smudge throughout the day. A quick brush through with brow mascara and you’ll be ready to face the day, reducing your morning beauty routine. Hello, snooze button!

  1. Immediate results

Brow tattooing is a relatively quick and simple procedure, meaning you will see results straight away. The area may be a little sensitive or red, but there should be no swelling or ongoing pain. In fact, the touch ups can even be done during your lunch break.

  1. Its completely safe

The idea of tattooing such sensitive part of your body can seem a little scary, but feather tattooing is 100% safe. Whilst dodgy DIY kits can be bought on sites such as eBay, beauty professionals are regulated by strict standards and must undergo extensive training before they can purchase the professional products and begin procedures. Just make sure you’re going to a reputable salon, and you’ll have beautiful brows in no time!


  1. Pain

Although feather tattooing is a must less invasive form of tattoo, the chances are its still going to be a little uncomfortable. A numbing cream will be applied, however this is only temporary. After the procedure, the area might be a bit red and sensitive, as well a little itchy as the skin begins to heal. However this should subside within a few days, and your beauty professional will recommend a topical treatment to reduce this. Just make sure you avoid make up or touching the area for a few days to assist the healing process.

  1. Price

One of the biggest downfalls of this procedure is the cost, with initial procedures costing anywhere between $400-800 here in Australia. After that, touch ups (generally every 3-6 months) cost around $200. Whilst this may be a lot for some, others argue the price is worth the results. Ultimately, this comes down to a personal decision, however those considering the procedure should be aware its not a one off cost and regular maintenance is required to keep your brows looking fresh.

  1. Colour

Whilst your brows will need regular maintenance due to fading, its important to still remember it is a semi-permanent result so choose wisely! Opting for a more natural colour and shape can be a wise choice to begin with, as a drastic change may be startling to your face shape and skin colour. Similarly, while super bold brows are currently on trend, beware that tattooed brows can’t simply be waxed off if you feel like a change. Do your research to avoid disappointment!

Although feather tattooing can be a uncomfortable and a little pricy, for many the convenient, long lasting results far outweigh any negatives. If this sounds like the treatment for you, make sure you choose your colour and shape wisely and always book in with a qualified brow tattooist or cosmetic professional via Beautifinda.


If you’ve had feather tattooing, let us know about your experience in the comments below!

(All images care of Benefit Cosmetics Australia Instagram @benefitaustralia)