Celeb-Inspired Hair Colours To Keep You Warm This Autumn

By Britt Cunningham

Autumn is officially here but just because the weather is cooling down, doesn’t mean your locks have to! In fact, let’s turn up the heat with auburn, copper and chocolate tones inspired by our favourite celebrities. Here are five stunning warm-toned options for those wanting to add some heat to their look this season.

  1. Captivating Copper

(source: Teen Vogue)

Emma Roberts at the 2017 Oscars.

This glowing shade is perfectly suited to those with light skin tones. If you do mix things up with this audacious colour, be warned- people will comment on your fiery bold locks, so be prepared for the attention you’re going to receive! Maintaining this shade can be serious work, so make sure you’re committed before diving in. It is easy for copper to loose its shine and glow, so we recommend touching up the colour every four to eight weeks. This shade is perfect for those with alabaster skin, and will even enhance your porcelain colouring.

  1. Autumnal Auburn

Julianne Moore as seen on Pretty Hair Styles.com

Sitting between bright copper and dark chocolate is breathtaking Auburn. Julianne Moore’s sophisticated warm, deep hair is rich in blazing undertones but without the in-your-face boldness of copper. This tone is easily maintained and effortlessly elegant. Full of personality, but more quietly confident than its red peers, Auburn is a must-do shade for the cooler months.

  1. Classy Chocolate
(Photo credit ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

Emma Watson at The Beauty and The Beast Premier New York

Emma Watson is the Belle of every ball she attends, and her current natural-looking Chocolate hair is ideal for those wanting a graceful and easy to maintain ‘do. This beautifully low-key option will frame your face, allowing your other features to shine through. Added bonus: this stylish shade let’s you play around with a variety of make up tones, anything from pretty pale pinks to a bright red lip.

4. Caramel

Jennifer Lopez

Honey-warm and multi-layered, Caramel is versatile enough to suite a range of skin tones. The shades under the Caramel umbrella allow you to play around with various warm tones of blonde and brown. Caramel Balayage is a great way to add light and warmth throughout the ends of your hair, and is perfect for those with darker roots. Hello, minimal maintenance!

  1. Beautiful Blonde

The Haute Pursuit

On the lighter end of the scale, we have the endless possibilities of Blonde! Whether you go for a cool or warm undertone, there are options to suit every skin tone and look. A full platinum bob, honey balayage or golden ombre- Blonde can be integrated into almost any hairstyle! Work with your BeautiFinda stylist to discover the best choice for you, considering your colouring, lifestyle and maintenance commitments. Similarly to Copper, some blonde shades take continuous maintenance, so be prepared to invest in colour-enhancing conditioners and keep that re-growth under control!

If you’re up for introducing some spicy shades into your look this Autumn get in touch with your local BeautiFinda Hair Professional. They can provide you with insider knowledge on the best tones for your skin colouring, life style and beauty regime.