Day to Night Makeup!

Natasha Sidiropoulos

We’re coming to end of 2017, and I don’t know what it is about the last six months of the year, but they always seem so jam-packed with events.

Birthdays, university balls, end of year parties, Halloween ‘scare-tivities’, weddings, christenings, and of course, Christmas.

And a lot of the time, multiple events are held on multiple days, making it difficult to decide on your makeup: I mean, you don’t want to go to heavy for a luncheon, and then keep that same light Spring-feels makeup for a night out partying.

Plus, who has the time to go home, wash off all that makeup and start all over again? An outfit change is possible—a full-face change? Maybe not.

So my tip to you is this: start your day with a flawlessly set foundation coverage, and carry a small compact for touch ups caused by sweat and natural oil. Your cheeks should always be blushed up and highlighted with something that’ll shine as well on camera as it does off!

For your eyes, go for something both subtle and full of depth. What does that mean? Hit the inner part of your lid with a bright or neutral shimmery shadow—golds and pinks are always fab—and smoke it out with something dark and sultry—it doesn’t have to be black either. If you decide on a warm golden eye look for the whole day and night, choose a chocolate brown or pretty purple.

This way, not only are you appealing to the usually casual daytime affair etiquette, you’ll be ready for the night with just a change of your lippy. This is the easiest step, but remember to choose something easily removable for the day—liquid mattes and lip stains can be stubborn, so a crème works best for these transformations. Try a blood red or dark brown lip to add a pop to your look and ready you for the night.