Ethical Hair and Makeup For Your Inner Love Child

By Britt Cunningham

It’s that epic Boho time of the year again, guys- Coachella! And to keep the positive vibes flowing, we are looking at ethical hair and makeup options. We have the inside scoop from Beautifinda’s Nicole Groch (check out Nicole’s profile HERE) who has almost thirty years of experience in Ethical Hair and Makeup. She is here to bust some of the myths about Ethical beauty, and show us some awesome cruelty-free alternatives. The makeup looks in the epic images you’re about to see are all done by Nicole using her Ethical Beauty Kit.

So, what even is ‘Ethical Beauty’?

According to Nicole, ethical beauty means ‘producing beauty products that do no harm. The ingredients should be vegan, sustainable and sourced ethically through fair-trade practices. At no stage of production should animals be harmed, and the packaging shouldn’t pollute the environment.’

Why is this important? Well, we all want to look and feel gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean animals or the environment need to be harmed for us to do so! And we aren’t talking bunny lips painted in red lipstick. The reality is so much crueler, and honestly, there is no need for it! Especially when there are so many great Ethical products to choose from…

Finding Cruelty Free Products

Navigating the world of cruelty-free used to be seriously hard. Even the biggest makeup corporations are notorious for spinning words and flat-out lying about whether their products are ethical. But in the last few decades, non-profit organizations such as the Australian website have made the task much easier. They even have an app to search products when you’re out shopping for your latest eye shadow! CCF provides full lists of vegan, cruelty-free and ethical products to get ensure you can get your makeup-fix on. Nicole has a large list of ethical brands she has used in her twenty-five-year-strong freelance makeup business. As we can see from her work on these amazing Choose Cruelty Free Campaigns, Ethical can look just as glam as the alternatives!

Nicole’s Makeup Recommendations:

  • Ere Perez
  • Inika
  • Synergie Minerals
  • Adorn Cosmetics
  • Momma Cosmetics
  • Living Nature
  • Make Up Cosmetics

Nail Recommendations:

  • Kester Black
  • Limedrop

Hair Care:

  • Everescents Organic Hair Care for styling
  • Tints of Nature is a must for hair colouring

Busting The Myths

There are plenty of misconceptions about the world of Ethical Beauty. Everything from the idea that the products are more expensive than non-ethical products, to the end looks not being as flawless. Nicole’s professional images blow those misunderstandings right open! As with other cosmetics, there are Ethical Beauty options to fit a range of budgets. Some are more expensive, but you get what you pay for, and many have natural ingredients, which cost more to manufacture, but are better for your health.

Nicole does admit that Ethical Beauty can mean fewer options, but only one department- Botox and fillers. These are constantly tested on animals, but for day-to-day makeup and beauty, your choices are just as wide.

Using Ethical Makeup Products

Nicole’s passion for Ethical Beauty inspired her to create her own natural health and beauty blog Here you can find information on animal testing, and even sourcing toxic-free products that are much safer for our own health.  She has some fantastic resources about using Ethical Beauty products, too.

A few tips from her blog’s article ‘How To Apply Mineral Makeup Like a Professional’ include:

  • Mineral eye shadow can be applied both dry and wet. Mixing eye shadows with a tiny amount of water or natural face mist will create a beautiful metallic paste.
  • Never get any moisture into mineral makeup powders, as they can go rancid. Tip a small amount of powder on to a clean surface, and use a vegan brush or preferably sponge to pick up some powder. To keep the powder hygienic, don’t tip left over product back into your powder pot.
  • Less is more with mineral foundations. They won’t sit well on dry, flakey skin, so ensure you’ve prepared well with ethical moisturizers and exfoliators.

For more tips, tricks and advice on Ethical Beauty get in contact with your local Ethical Beautifinda Professional such as Nicole.