Five Expert Steps to Glowing Skin This Winter

By Britt Cunningham

The winter cold has officially set in, and the sudden icy winds can play havoc on our skin.  Beautifinda Professional Anais Georgia is there with the expert tips to keep your skin glowing this winter.

1. Keep Hydrated

It is easy to keep our water levels up in summer- the hot weather encourages constant sipping to prevent dehydration. But staying hydrated is just as important in winter. Monitor your water intake and aim for 6 to 8 glasses a day. For a twist on plain water, try warmed water with a slice of lemon for a refreshing, comforting twist. Anais also suggests hydration face masks, but emphasizes that ‘hydrating from within works best.

2. Turn Down The Heat

Although it can be super tempting to plunge yourself into scorching hot water after a day in the brisk air, hot water, especially on your face, will do more harm than good. For those who have sensitive skin, this is particularly important as the heat can result in inflamed, sore skin. Anais recommends ‘keep the water warm as this prevents our natural oils from being stripped away and won’t dry out the skin as much.’

3. Look Closer

Anais advises that we have a good look at the products we are using to wash our face. A harsh exfoliating cleanser can be far too unforgiving on our skin in these colder months. Opt instead for something gentle. Our skin is exposed to everything from freezing arctic winds to dry manufactured heat indoors, so show it some TLC with a calming cleanser.

4. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

This is key to healthy, glowing skin according to Anais. After you’ve washed your face, make sure you apply a layer of natural-based moisturizer. ‘It doesn’t have to be expensive either- just make sure it is filled with vitamins.’

If you have oilier skin, don’t skip this step! There are plenty of effective oil-free moisturizers out there. Consulting a Beautifinda Professional such as Anais can be the perfect step in discovering what products work best for your skin.

5. Get Cooking!

While our water intake drastically affects our skin health, so does the food we put into our body. Do you ever notice how thirsty you get after your fifth (…or tenth) handful of Pringles? The salt in certain foods causes dehydration, which not only affects our internal systems, but our skin too. Keep your intake of high water content fruits and vegetables up, and focus on getting plenty of Vitamin C and Omega-3 from your diet. In winter ideal vegetables to consume are cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and spinach. These vegetables can be delicious- click here (

for Bon Appétit’s favourite cauliflower recipes, including Cheesy Cauliflower Pasta. A delicious warming meal sounds like the perfect way to look after our skin this winter!