Glitter Eyes For New Years Eve

It’s that time of year again.. parties, champagne, fireworks and midnight kisses!  From choosing the right outfit, to changing about  three or four times before you decide to go with your original choice and perfecting your ”yes of course this is natural” fake tan, you also need the perfect statement making look for that pretty face! And what better way to make a statement on NYE than with eyes that sparkle? Literally! 

We’ve taken some inspiration from Instagram and YouTube and chosen two of our favourite glittery eye looks for you to try at home this party season.

Photo Source: Mylena Xavier @mylenasbeautyroom          Photo Source: Zakia Ahmad @zakiaahmad                    

1. Glitter Winged Eyeliner

If you want just a hint of sparkle, a smooth, winged line of glitter across your lash-line is perfect. You can make the line thin and dainty or bold and striking.  It’s best to use a powdered eye-shadow when working with a glittered eyeliner as gel or cream eye-shadows tend to smudge easy and move around the eyelid which can bring your glitter with it. You didn’t spend all that hard time perfecting your wings only for them to fly off your face! Another tip is to apply a layer of dark eyeliner and then your glitter over the top as this will really make that glitter liner pop and stand out!

How To Apply Glitter Winged Eyeliner:

1. Apply an eye primer to your eyelids to create an even base. Primer will also help set your eye-shadow and keep it from creasing and moving around your eyelid.

2. Apply any eye-shadow colour of your choice. If you want the glitter to be the focus of your look then keep your eye-shadow pigments light and neutral.

3. Apply a base layer of dark eyeliner first (preferably a pencil eyeliner) but if you have chosen to use a liquid liner allow for it to dry before applying the glitter. You can also apply an eye-shadow of the same colour over your darker eyeliner to help it set.

*Everyone has their own way for applying winged liner. There are many step-by-step guides and video tutorials all over the web for creating the perfect wings. One way to do it is to line your  lash-line first, then apply on an angle some sticky tape or micro-pore tape to the outer corners of your eyes. Next, use a tiny eyeliner brush to follow the tape til you get the line right where you want it to be. Once you have the first line done, draw another line from the tip of the extending line to your lash line and colour in the little triangle it creates. 

4. Using a very small and precise makeup brush or paintbrush carefully apply the glitter along the dark base liner. Follow the line extending out to the corners of your eyes. Build up the glitter until you are happy with the result.

5.  Add some mascara and/or false lashes and you’re done!

Need something visual to help you perfect those gorgeous wings or in need of some ideas? Check out these glittered eyeliner tutorials on YouTube to help inspire you.

Stephanie Lange – Glitter Winged Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Amena – How To Apply Glittered Eyeliner!

NikkieTutorials – New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

2. Glittered Lids


Photo Source: Melani Tran @makeupfairymel

Photo Source: Jessica Molina @_beautybyjessica_       

Sometimes a little shimmer and shine isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to go bigger, bolder and better! Sometimes you just want those lids to be covered in glitter. To really get that glitter bouncing off your eyelids applying it over a nude or coloured eye-shadow base will give you that extra wow factor! Always remember to use proper cosmetic- grade glitter. Never use loose craft glitter as it can cause damage to your eyes. And it’s always best to apply your eye-shadow and glitter before your foundation and concealer so that any fallout is easily cleaned up without ruining your precious face base.

How To Apply Loose Glitter:

1. Choose the right primer.  Make-up companies such as Too Faced and e.l.f cosmetics have glitter adhesives/primers specifically made for glittery looks. It’s always ideal to look for a primer with the intended purpose of using glitter. A primer that has a sticky consistency will allow the glitter to adhere to it well.

2. Apply your eye-shadow base if you are using a colour and then gently apply the glitter primer or adhesive to your lids using your fingers or a make-up brush.

3. Lightly dampen an eye-shadow brush and dip it into loose glitter. Gently tap the brush to dust off any excess glitter. Tilt your head back a little bit to allow for a better angle when applying the glitter. This is also helps to reduce the chance of any product falling into your eyes. To help with catching any glitter fallout you can hold a folded up tissue underneath your lower lashes.

4. Gently pat the glitter onto your closed eyelids and build up the product until you reach your desired look. Wipe away any excess glitter with a fan brush.

5. Apply your eyeliner and mascara

Tip: A few drops of coconut oil applied to a cotton makeup remover pad is a great way to remove glitter. Press the cotton pad onto your eyes and allow it to sit for a minute so that the oil can absorb the adhesive. Then wipe away gently to remove your makeup.

To help inspire you we’ve chosen a few of our favourite glitter eyelid makeup tutorials from YouTube for you to take a look at.

Anaizav – Rose Gold Glitter Makeup Tutorial

Bella Fiori  – Drugstore Glam: Holographic Glitter Cut Crease

Denitslava Makeup – EASY Copper Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

There are so many deliciously, sparkly, glitter products out there that it can be hard to decide on what to use. Glitter shadow? Glitter sticks? Loose glitter? All of them? If you want some more tips and tricks on what to use check out ModaMob’s – Best Way To Use Glitter tutorial on YouTube. There you’ll be shown a few different glitter products, how to use each one and what effect they’ll give.

Now go and paint those eyes and make them sparkle and shine as bright as the Queen that you are!

Happy New Year x

Written by: Karli Smith