How changing your style of make-up doesn’t have to be a bad thing:
By Elizabeth Charters

I developed this fascination with applying makeup and skincare when I was a child. I remember going through my mother’s draws until I found her stash of lipsticks. But my fascination with beauty doesn’t end there, in fact this was only the beginning. I can remember the day when I was a child and I invited my primary school best friend over. We would pretend we were already adults and wear my mother’s clothes and apply makeup on each other’s face. (Don’t worry, mum’s permission was always asked first!!) We thought our application of makeup was grade A perfection.   

As I grew older, I no longer needed to borrow mum’s lipsticks, instead I was able to afford my own. Age, knowledge and my own sense of style played a vital role in how I viewed what beauty means to me today. Over the years my makeup has changed from wearing dark eyeliner, to eventually a more natural look with no eyeliner at all, only eyeshadow and mascara on my eyes to enhance my features.

Recently though, my makeup and skincare style has also changed due to the factors including the person I want to become, the type of person who I am today. From what i’ve shared with you, you can tell my make-up style doesn’t change that often, as I stick to the same routine, and that way I can get my make-up/morning skin routine done in time in the early hours of the morning when the sun is just about to rise. But lately when I’ve been applying these same products on my face, i’ve been feeling kind of dull. That shimmering glow has gone. I knew that from my teenage years, up until my young adulthood my product choices was long over due, as I myself was not the person who I was back then.

It might have something to do with me recently starting a makeup/skincare course and focusing on the high end makeup, which even though it can be expensive, it’s worth it and lasts a long time, as opposed to cheaper brands. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to beauty, but these are just some tips that I have learned along the way. I used to buy products which would only last me a few weeks and then I would purchase them again, because they were cheap compared to the high end cosmetics or lotions. Now looking back, every-time I purchased makeup/skincare it probably would equal up to an expensive bottle of lotion anyway.

I wish I had read something prior to me starting a course in beauty, that made me re-think about my beauty routine and the difference that beauty can make from comparing big brand names, and investigating why they are expensive, and being informed about ingredients in products. Still in today’s society, while there is a lot of advertising about the benefits of healthy ingredients, which are vegan and/or cruelty-free, people are still unfortunately ignorant. Memories of me walking into cosmetic/skin care places when I was younger, asking for ingredients without parabens, had people confused and in today’s society things have changed and the paraben-free products are considered the normality. Like skincare and makeup advancing, so did my taste of style in both these fields.

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I realised through having a close network of people around me that it’s ok to stray away from trends and experience your own unique style. Now I choose products that are pricey, but have optimum results. Instead of having my minimal makeup look, I apply my makeup based on where I’m going and what i’ve planned to do that day. I keep my dark smokey eyes for night outs and my pale shimmer colours during the day. I love a good contour, highlighter and lipstick too. As I’ve learned more about the beauty industry and keeping up to date with some of the trends I want to replicate on my looks, these last additional make-up products are something new which I have chosen to be apart of my routine. Beauty provides me with the courage to not be invisible, but i’ve also learned that it’s having confidence within yourself that will get you far in life.

One of the things I learned, was not to be afraid to be creative and try new kind of styles and colours of makeup and indulge in nourishing lotions to keep the skin feeling hydrated and fresh.  Don’t feel pressured to follow trends because they are in, or you want to keep up with the latest make-up/skincare, do it because these products you choose to wear represent you.

Some questions to consider when going to change your style include:

  • A re-assessment on the type of individual you are. Do you want your makeup/skincare routine to reflect this?
  • What products are you applying on your face? Do the ingredients matter to you?
  • Do you like finding products which make you feel fresh?
  • Do you like trying new brands/products benefiting your skin based on the season? If you do, try re-inventing your routine in accordance to the season?
  • Who do you look up to in life? Investigate what products they use on their skin and find similar products. This can be your own way of adding a different style.
  • Does the announcement of new cosmetics have you craving various products designed to do different things to your skin?

For those of you whose passion is beauty, you will know how change is essential in makeup/skincare. Whether your change is sparked from turning a different age, wanting a fresh look for the season ahead, you’re tired of using the same beauty routine or have become consciously aware of what ingredients in your beauty products go on your face, you will know when it is time to change up your style. And for those of you who don’t hopefully this piece can help you out! 

About the Writer:

Elizabeth is a freelance writer, editor and an emerging travel/beauty blogger.  She has a writing and editing certificate and is in her final semester of her literature degree. Some of her passions include: a love for all things beauty related and staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.


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