How to achieve a natural makeup application

Q & A with freelance make-up glamour guru Nikki Charters:

Ever wondered how you could achieve a natural inspired makeup look? Don’t know the colours suitable for winter or the ones that match your skin tone? I interviewed the young and talented Nikki Charters about her makeup career. She helped answer these questions along with many others, as well as tips and tricks you yourself can try at home!

Question) How would you describe the term natural makeup in regards to the beauty profession?

Nikki: Natural makeup (think: dewy, glowy, well defined, brushed up brows, mascara, earthy tones) is for people who want to feel beautiful without looking overly made up. Also natural (think: earthy, organic, mineral) makeup lines are very popular today. These products enhance beauty in a way that look as if the individual who uses these products is wearing none or a subtle amount of makeup, while looking luminous.

Question) Why do you think natural make-up is having a prominent rise this winter?

Nikki: During winter, people want their skin to look like how it did during summer – this can be achieved by natural makeup.

Question) Do you have any hot tips on how to keep an individuals skin looking healthy and radiant?

Nikki: A good skincare routine is essential. Moisturise at least an hour before makeup application, prime face, opt for a dewy finish foundation as oppose to a matte finish. Highlight the face – highlighting creates light, creating the illusion of brightness and accentuates features.

Question) What are some of your favourite products for a natural complexion look?


  • Urban Decay naked skin weightless liquid foundation
  • Better than sex mascara (too faced)
  • Kat Von D shade and light eye contour palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade
  • Too faced melted liquified long wear matte lipstick in Cool Girl.
  • Question) When did you decide to use cruelty free makeup?

Nikki: I decided to use cruelty free makeup around August 2016 when I realised it is unnecessary for an animal to suffer for a cosmetic product. I was able to find so many brands that do not test on animals and produce high quality makeup.

Question) What are some cruelty free benefits?

Nikki: Some cruelty free benefits include:

  • Cruelty free cosmetics are less toxic. On average the ingredients used by cruelty-free brands have a proven safety record and it is very unlikely to use a product that would cause harm or negative side effects. In addition to this, many cruelty free brands offer “green” products free from potentially harmful chemicals. This means that the ingredients in the product you’re applying to your face and/or body and absorbing into your skin are all-natural and don’t contain harsh chemicals.
  • Cruelty free brushes are so much cleaner. Brushes made from animal hair absorb plenty of bacteria because of the structure of the hairs. Those hair trap oil and dead skin and breed bacteria. Because of their structure no matter how much you clean them they are generally not as clean as cruelty free brushes are.
  • You can support Indie brands or local businesses It is an awesome feeling to support local businesses and independent brands. Many of these brands are cruelty-free and will have high quality, unique products with a personal touch.
  • Question) Can opting for a natural makeup look suit any occasion?

Nikki: A natural makeup look can be effortless and suit any occasion. From work, day to day activities or a special event – natural makeup can suit all and make an individual look healthy, give you that “luminous from within” look and can accentuate features.

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