How to Apply Makeup: Makeup Artists’ Techniques and Tricks

Wearing makeup is a great way to express yourself. With the rise of beauty gurus on social media and YouTube, learning new makeup skills is easier than ever. It seems like anyone can call themselves a makeup artist these days, and that leads to some confusing techniques and methods. If you’re serious about makeup, you need to make sure you’re using the right techniques for applying makeup correctly! Read on for tips on how to apply makeup with tips and tricks from real makeup artists!

Check your grip.

One of the biggest mistakes seen in newer makeup users is having the wrong grip on your makeup brushes or applicators. A lot of beauty gurus show the wrong grip, and it’s easy to get confused. Unlike a pencil, you shouldn’t be tightly gripping the middle of the brush. Instead, makeup artists suggest holding the very end of the brush. Keep a light grip, not using much pressure to apply the makeup to your face. You shouldn’t be aggressive when applying makeup, and you only need a light touch!

Less is more!

When it comes to makeup, less is more. You can achieve a glamorous look without overdoing it on your application. Many beauty gurus tend to pack on the makeup, especially when trying to achieve a bold look. While it’s okay to pack on some types of makeup, things like concealer are meant to be worn lightly. Be sure to purchase a concealer that fits your skin tone and that offers the right amount of coverage. If you’re covering darker spots, choose a full coverage concealer. It shouldn’t take more than a light dot of the concealer to make an impact! You can always add more, so start with less and build as needed.

Are you applying blush correctly?

Blush is one of the trickiest types of makeup says leading makeup professionals. Many people make the mistake of applying this rosy shade to the wrong part of their face! When you apply it in the wrong area, it makes your face look discolored and can be off-putting. When done right, blush can add energy to your everyday look! Apply your brush in a circular motion, sweeping back over the apples of your cheeks. Avoid going too far up your cheekbones if you’re not trying to look like an 80s popstar! To get used to the motion, start with a neutral shade until you get the right look.  

Ditch the traditional nail polish.

Staying at the forefront of beauty trends means knowing when to leave your old makeup and beauty supplies behind. Traditional nail polish is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now, all the experts are turning to gel polish. Not only is gel polish more resistant to chips and breaks, but it also can last over two weeks on your nails! You don’t have to visit a salon to get salon quality nails anymore when it comes to gel polish. Just choose the right polish like Pink Gellac which is known for its great quality!

Your best tools are multi-use.

When you’re first getting started with makeup, you might feel pressured to buy the latest and greatest supplies. It can be downright overwhelming to figure out what you really need and what you don’t. Luckily, your best tools actually have multiple purposes! You don’t need to buy a different brush for everything. Having one or two versatile brushes is a better choice. For instance, your beauty blender can be used for more than just foundation! Use it to blend your concealer and even your contouring! Similarly, your eyeliner or eyeshadow brushes can be used for your eyebrows or even applying highlights.

Bring in a professional for special events!

We’ve all heard makeup disaster stories where someone messes up their makeup right before a big event! While it’s fun to play around with makeup on your own, sometimes you just need the treated help of a professional. If you’re preparing for a big event, don’t worry yourself about doing the right makeup look yourself. Instead, hire a professional makeup artist to ensure you get the best look possible without the stress! Right before a big event isn’t the time to experiment with new styles!

Makeup tips from the professionals.

It’s fun to experiment with different makeup looks, but it’s also important to remember the basics! These techniques and tricks from makeup professionals will guarantee you always look your best. It’s okay if you need some practice to get the hang of it! Even the best beauty gurus needed to practice before they got where they are today. Keep these techniques in mind the next time you try the latest look by your favorite beauty guru!