How to Avoid The Holiday Burnout

The holidays bring with them a lot of clientele for beauty and tanning businesses. With events and social gathering requiring your expertise and with clients booking you last minute it’s easy to get stressed. However there are some ways to maximise your productivity around the holiday season and decrease your chance of burnout.

Get Your Sleep

It may seem counterproductive but it’s important that you’re getting enough sleep, especially when you’re burning the candle at both ends. Just the mention of the holiday season can lead people to stress, and with an increase in workflow, your body needs to replenish itself and that means staying on top of your REM cycle. If you’re the type of millennial that can’t go a moment without her phone/computer , find ways to gradually wean yourself off it. There’s a wonderful app available for both Android and Apple called f.lux that adjusts your screens “temperature” to a warm light as the blue light from phones and laptop screens has been proven to keep people awake. Pretty cool right? Try turning your phone to Do Not Disturb and getting to bed ten minutes earlier each night.

Plan Ahead & Set A Holiday Goal

Going off of the last tip, begin to wake earlier. It may seem cruel around the holidays but the key to productivity is utilising the 1440 minutes in the day to the best of your ability and working smarter not harder (as you’ve most likely heard before.)

They key to this is rising earlier is setting that alarm five minutes earlier each day and waking up no matter what.

With goals if you’ve ever found yourself setting out to achieve the world only to come running back to the “safety” of what you know, tail between your legs it’s like due to the absence of them being smart goals. S.M.A.R.T meaning Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon , Realistic and Time Based. If your goals are set out like this (for example “create new website by 11th December with web developer” then you have a much better chance of achieving them then an up in the air “idealistic dream” such as “make a website” which can get lost amongst your daily to-do list.

Be Proactive – Write Things Down

Always be writing things down. You may think you’ll remember your ingenious content post idea for Instagram or Facebook but with but when we have around 40 thoughts per minute on average, the idea may slip into the abyss.

If  you already have a business journal or planner, that’s great! If not, then get to it.

A business planner is a must-have for any entrepreneurial mobile makeup/tanning artist and will allow you a physical copy of your clients contact information and your thoughts, branding and other vital information.

Being proactive is about recognising when you’re stressed and “stemming the wound” so to say. Aim to be prepared for all eventualities with client appointments so that you’re never reactive.

Slow Down, Don’t Overcommit

As enticing as it may be to overcommit and cram everything into a tight schedule when the client volume allows for it, resist. Your peace of mind deserves it. Whilst it’s always good to be #hustling, the easiest way to burnout is overcommitment. Remember to take the holidays for what they are, a time to spend with loved ones and friends, a time to celebrate and give back. They are still a time that can greatly benefit your business financially but that shouldn’t come at the detriment of your health.

What are your plans these holidays?

Renee Wardle