How to Create a Unique Instagram Style for Your Beauty Business

by @social.stylings

On Instagram there are so many different Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and Beauty Therapists promoting their own work.

And while there are definitely some accounts that you probably aspire to be like, you will need to create your own distinct Instagram style so that you can stand apart and truly attract your own ideal clients.

The key thing to remember here is that your Instagram account needs to be appealing to your ideal client – the colours, the editing style, the photography, it all needs to play to what is going to make your ideal client want to work with you.

Here are a few things that you’ll need to consider as you begin crafting your own unique Instagram Style for your Beauty Business.

  1. Your Colour Scheme

If you already have a logo design for your Beauty Business, you should also already have a set colour scheme or ‘branding palette’ that you use across your website and Social Media.

Usually you will have 2-3 colours (i.e. Pink, Grey, Black) that will become associated with your business. This is really important because having the consistency of your colour palette across your website, business cards, and Social Media will create brand trust for your potential clients, as you will look more professional.

The colours you use should be appealing to your ideal client. For example; if ideal clients is between the ages of 16-21 and would consider themselves very feminine and fun, you may use a lot of pink and glitter backgrounds on your Instagram account.

Alternatively, if your ideal client is between 30-47 years old, and enjoy high-fashion and luxury items, you may want to stick with a more reserved and classy colour palette like monochrome with a hint of red as an accent colour.

2. Your Photo Editing Style

Have you ever come across an Instagram account where all of the images are edited with exactly the same amount of contrast and colours?

They look absolutely mesmerizing, and you could spend hours scrolling through their feeds.

That is why it is so important for you to ensure you edit all of your images the same way – I’m sorry, that means no jumping between different Instagram filters.

By using the same Instagram filter or editing technique each time, you’ll create a consistent and flowing Instagram feed that will in turn become a part of your brand.

3. Your Before/After Backgrounds

Where do you take your client photos? Even if you are an on-the-go Beauty Professional, it’s always worthwhile bringing an easy to set up prop background to ensure that your after photos all look the same.

This will again become a part of your brand, and with strengthen the sense of professionalism your business has.

Alternatively, you can try to always get your photos on a plain white background, but in this case you’ll probably need to still pack a nice ring light to get high-quality and well-lit images for your Instagram posts.

4. Your Client Work

Whether you’re a Makeup Artist or a Hairstylist, you need to be careful about what images from your portfolio you choose to share on your Instagram account.

Yes, you may also do editorial work on the side, but if your Instagram account is dedicated to attracting everyday women who hire you for special events makeup, you’ll need to only post work that reflects that to your Instagram.

If you want to do both editorial and private clients, you could always have two separate Instagram accounts so that you can get the best of both worlds.

Just remember that having two accounts means twice the work.

5. Your Complimentary Content

It would get pretty boring if all you shared on Instagram were after photos of your clients, wouldn’t it?

I recommend that you share some complimentary content that is related to what you do, so that you can showcase a different side of you and your business, and give your followers something interesting to look on your Instagram Feed.

Some ideas for a Makeup Artist:

  • Photos of individual items from your kit in a flatlay
  • A photo of you in-action working on a client
  • A video or Boomerang of you applying makeup
  • A relatable quote about Makeup (create your own graphics)
  • A photo of some Makeup Brushes
  • A GIF of you cleaning Makeup Brushes + how-to tips

Some ideas for a Hairstylist:

  • A GIF of a client’s beautiful curls being waved around
  • A photo of you in-action working on a client
  • A Boomerang or Video of you curling/straightening hair
  • A photo of your Hairdressing kit
  • A GIF of you spraying your favourite product in the hair
  • A flatlay of some of your favourite Hairdressing tools

And there you have it! Now you have the beginnings of a great new Instagram Style for your Beauty Business.

For three Instagram Styling ‘recipes’ for creating a beautifully flowing feed, click here.