How to look your best in an Engagement Photo Shoot

A lot of newly engaged couples have been commemorating this exciting time in their lives through a photo shoot. These photos make a perfect memento to look back on fondly and remember what your love looked like at that point in time. There’s no doubt you’ll want to look your best in these photos, and oftentimes employing a little help is the key to looking “picture perfect”. To help you prepare for an upcoming photo shoot, we’re excited to share some of our expert tips.

  1. Have a stylist do your makeup – Whether you wear a lot of makeup or choose to have a more natural look in your day-to-day life, hiring out a makeup artist for a photo shoot is the way to go. The way makeup looks in person is much different than the way it looks in photos, so there are many benefits to hiring a professional who knows how to work around these differences. Some of these trade secrets a professional will know is how to make lip colour last all day and what products can cause flashback in photos. A professional will be able to identify these things and use different application methods to make sure you look flawless in your photos. Having a mobile makeup artist is even more beneficial, as they can touch up your makeup as close to the session as possible and examine the lighting to accurately choose makeup shades for
  2. Get a fresh manicure – There’s no doubt there will be many photos takes of your hands; after all, we’re here to show off that beautiful new bling of yours! A lot of money and careful consideration went into the purchase of your engagement ring, and nothing would injustice its beauty like a chipped manicure! Choose a soft pink color instead of over-the-top colors to give your ring the attention it deserves. The key to manicures here is that less is more – there’s nothing more upsetting than distractions that take away from gorgeous engagement rings.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing – Your engagement photos are meant to give the world a glimpse into your relationship, so be sure to wear something that speaks to your personality. If you choose to have a session outdoors, wear comfortable clothes that you won’t have to worry about flying up or getting dirty/wet. No matter what, wear something that you will feel your best and most yourself in. Since you’ll be in front of a camera, try to avoid crazy patterns as they will draw attention away from the real subjects: you and your future spouse! Consider coordinating outfits with your partner so you stylistically fit together to create a more cohesive photo. In the end, though, the most important thing is to ensure you feel and look like yourself and are accurately represented in these photos!
  4. Consider getting your hair styled as well – Whether you want to get your hair done by a professional or prefer to style it yourself, make sure you don’t try anything new on the day of your photo shoot. You want to look like yourself in these photos to accurately represent this point in your life, so trying a new haircut or style is risky. We recommend getting your hair professionally done as hair stylists know the keys for making your hair look best in front of the camera and staying all day long. If you are worried about someone else styling your hair, ask your photographer to do a test shot to show you how your hair looks on camera before you spray it down one last time.

We hope these tips help ease your mind going into your engagement photo shoot! No matter what style you attribute with yourself, the most important thing is to feel your best so that you look comfortable and your best on camera.