How to Prepare for Your Bridal Makeup Appointment

By Britt Cunningham

Your hair and makeup play a huge role in feeling amazing on your wedding day, but many brides are unsure of how best to prepare for their beauty appointments. We sat down with BeautiFinda professional Chloe Morien from A Brush With Colour to discuss how our glowing brides-to-be can best prepare for their wedding beauty appointments.

BF: What are some common concerns brides have regarding their wedding makeup? 

Chloe: I would say many brides are worried about not looking like themselves on their big day. I make sure that I really listen to my bride’s concerns and work to alleviate them. We discuss their daily makeup routine so I can create a look that isn’t too different from their normal look. My main aim is make my brides feel like a more polished version of themselves. 

BF: What should brides bring with them to their trial appointment?

Chloe: You don’t really need to bring anything with you to the trial, just yourself and your phone so you can show me photos of makeup inspiration, the dress and what hairstyle you are going to have. Inspirational photos give me a great idea of what my brides are drawn to and become a basis for the look we create together.

On the day of the wedding all you need to bring is the lipstick that we used at the trial so you can do touch ups throughout the day. I would also suggest creating a bride pack for one of your bridesmaids to carry ie. Pain killers, breath mints, lipsticks, tissues, anti-histamines. 

BF: How should brides prepare their skin for their appointment?

Chloe: Skin prep is super important! I ask my brides-to-be to come with freshly cleansed skin. As a makeup artist I spend quite a bit of time on skin preparation, as I want to ensure that my client’s makeup sits well and lasts all day. I always use a Micellar cleansing water, followed by a rejuvenating spray and then finish off with an amazing serum. This ensures that by the time it comes to foundation your skin is super clean, soft and moisturized.

BF: What if a bride has no idea what beauty look she would like to go for?

Chloe: Don’t worry if you are not sure on what look you want. I will ask you questions regarding your wedding, such as flowers, colours, hairstyle, themes etc. The more information I have on the wedding the easier it is for me to put together suitable makeup suggestions. I always ask you to provide inspirational makeup photos so we can discuss what stands out to you in each image. I find that most of my brides will like one or two things from each photo they show me.

BF: How important is the design of the dress, flowers, location etc. for the beauty looks you create?

Chloe: One of the first things I ask my brides to do is send me photos or written descriptions of their dress, the flowers and the hair. I also ask if they have a specific theme/style to their wedding. It’s important to know these details so I can create a makeup look that compliments the entire wedding.

BF:  How can brides make the process easier for their MUA?

Chloe: I suggest that my brides write up a beauty roster for the day of the wedding, ensuring that everyone in the bridal party knows exactly when they are getting hair and makeup done. It’s amazing how much more smoothly the day flows when people know when and where they need to be. Don’t forget to ask your bridal party to turn up with fresh clean faces and teeth brushed!

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