How to take professional looking photos for your beauty business

By Celina Mahoney

When it comes to marketing your business, a professional looking platform is one of the most important elements to gaining clients attention. But how should you go about this, I hear you asking? Quality images are a good place to start! Blurry photos taken in poor lighting are not going to show prospective customers how talented you are. Instead, we have compiled a list of tips for capturing your best images yet that will be sure to grab the attention of any potential customers!

Lighting is everything

From too dark to overexposed, getting the perfect lighting is key to professional looking images. Natural lighting is always the best option as it allows the most realistic portrayal of colours, however there are options for when this isn’t possible. Using flash can cause flashback for makeup, intensifying imperfections and household lighting can create warm casts that don’t capture the true essence of the image. Instead there are a number of affordable camera and phone attachments that help your create more natural lighting for nights or days where natural sunlight isn’t available. We suggest having one of these in your kit for capturing the best of your work in any condition!


Take note of the background

The purpose of taking photos of your work is to draw your clients’ attention to particular elements. Having a busy background is simply going to draw the eyes away, as well as make your image look messy and unprofessional! Opting for a plain, block coloured (preferably light) background will ensure all attention is focused on the model and that your image looks clean and simple.


What about angles?

 Playing around with different angles is also important for taking the best image. When capturing hairstyles, try straight from the back, tilted from above and side on. Or, if you want to show off your makeup skills, don’t forget to capture the full face as well as a close-up of eyes or lips. This will ensure your clients are able to get a stronger idea of how your work looks from different perspectives.



Making sure you have focused your camera correctly is also very important! If you don’t do this properly, your image will look blurry and unprofessional. When photographing makeup, choose the area you want to draw attention to, whether this is eyes, lips or skin. This will ensure that the image is crystal clear and focuses attention to the area of your choice.


Edit with caution

 Editing can help your create the most professional looking photos, but it is important to do so carefully. It can be easy to wash out your photo, or sharpen it to the point of becoming grainy. Similarly, popping on an Instagram filter can be tempting but can obscure lighting and colours, quickly undoing your hard work! Play around with editing until you find the right balance for your image, but always be sure to save the original in case of any errors!

We hope you have found this article helpful in creating professional looking photos for your beauty business. Plus, if you’re wanting to find new clients, don’t forget to create a free listing with Beautifinda today! Happy snapping!