Insider Scoop: Airbrush Makeup

By Britt Cunningham

Kylie from Makeup Style Melbourne is a pro when it comes to Airbrush makeup. She has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years in various capacities including training, PR, product development and sales. Her own freelance business, Makeup Style Melbourne, was founded years ago to offer a full freelance service for brides, special occasion makeup and hair, and training. Kylie loves the ability to bring convenience and ease to her clients, by providing full hair and makeup services at their location of choice. Following the success of Makeup Style Melbourne, she has also founded Makeup Style Gippsland, which looks after Victoria’s Gippsland area.

Her innovation and experience within the industry means she is the perfect person to shed some light on this somewhat mysterious form of makeup application that could become your new favourite technique!

BF: What is Airbrush Makeup and how does it work?

Kylie: Airbrush makeup produces a fine mist that enables the makeup to sit evenly on your skin. Airbrush foundation provides flawless coverage (sheer or opaque) by minimising skin imperfections, resulting in beautifully natural look. Makeup is sprayed on using an airbrush gun and a compressor, rather than applied with a sponge or brush.

BF: Why did you start learning about and using Airbrush Makeup?

Kylie: I have always been passionate about the makeup industry and pride myself on sourcing innovative products that keep up with industry trends. I started airbrushing around 20 years ago- many people don’t realise it has been around for at least 30 years. I wanted a cutting edge point of difference to offer to my clients that would take their look to the next level. Airbrushing has seemed to grow in popularity in the last few years with the introduction of digital media.

BF: How is the result of Airbrush Makeup different to other forms of foundation?

Kylie: Airbrush often feels lighter on the skin, which many people find more comfortable to wear throughout the day. Airbrush makeup is perfectly compatible with high definition TV and photography, and is therefore popular with those in the media industries. However, this means it is also perfect for brides who are having their day captured through photography and videography.

BF: Who can benefit from using Airbrush Makeup?

Kylie: Anyone can benefit from this versatile makeup! As it is long wearing, it is a perfect option for brides, and those who work in TV. On a day-to-day basis, it is fantastic for women who wear makeup to work and don’t want to worry about touching up their makeup during the day.

BF: What are the main advantages of Airbrushed Makeup compared to traditional forms of makeup?

Kylie: The main advantages are that it is longer lasting than traditional foundation, it is light on the skin, creates a flawless finish, and works beautifully with digital media. It is also fabulous for tattoo coverage and wonderful to use for special effects makeup.

BF:  What do you love about Airbrush Makeup?

Kylie: I love that it is not tested on animals and is water resistant, silicone free and free of Parabens. I love how quick it is to use, and its versatility. It is also much more hygienic as you are not using brushes and is suitable to use on sensitive skin.

To discover more about this flawless makeup application technique, contact Kylie here today for more information.

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