Interview with Mel Blue from Unicorn Lashes

Unicorn Lashes is an online beauty company based in the UK which offers amazing silk and mink  false eyelashes with mystical names fit for a Fairy Queen and rainbow coloured makeup brushes fit a Mermaid Princess.  The brand amassed over 70 thousand followers on Facebook within a few days after their launch photo went viral and now they have a cult following of 170k (and growing) followers on Instagram. 

We asked the beauty brains behind this company, Mel Blue, how Unicorn Lashes began and what she has in store for her business next . Along with some beauty questions thrown into the mix!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Mel Blue, basically because my hair is normally blue. I’m from Newcastle originally, a true Geordie girl but I now live in Kent with my boyfriend and 2 Pomeranian pups. I have a very unhealthy obsession over Chips and Gravy, maybe even more then Unicorns.

2. How did the idea for Unicorn Lashes come about? 

Unicorn Lashes came about originally from the lack of quality luxury eyelashes available in the UK Market. I always admired celebrities who had these amazing eyelashes that weren’t from extensions and I could never get the same look with high street brands.

I love unicorns and horses. Horses have the most beautiful long fluttery eyelashes so the two seemed to work together perfectly and we just went from there.

2. What inspired you to create your own business? 

I’ve always been creative, but stuck in an office job for most of my 20’s it just took me a while to find my own niche in the market and something that I would be really passionate about working on. I think to succeed, you need a lot of passion for what you’re doing.

With social media booming it’s never been more accessible to have your own business. I started small with Ebay, reselling old clothes etc and so starting my own business just happened naturally over the years.

3. Can you tell us about your stunning makeup brush collections? The mermaid makeup brushes look amazing! 

Aw thank you, I’m super excited for these to launch. We currently have two sets of Unicorn Brushes, the original rainbow brushes that went viral and our new Royale collection. Both sets are different brushes as I wanted people to be able to collect both colours. We do intend on eventually launching the brushes for individual sale but it’s proving a long process.

Our mermaid brushes launch in Summer (Aus Winter) and will be made from silicone, I literally cannot wait, I’m extra proud of these brushes!

Unicorn Brushes- Ultimate Unicorn Kit £45.00 (APPROX 77 AUD) –


Royal Unicorn Brush Set  – £50.00 (APPROX 84 AUD)


4. Tell us about your gorgeous eyelashes too! How did you go about choosing the perfect materials and styles? 

I wanted eyelashes for every eye shape, especially hooded as that’s my own eye shape and I’ve struggled with lashes in the past to suit. I also wanted lashes that you could wear more than once, I would pay five pounds for a lash and only get 1-2 wears at best. With our lashes you can wear them up to 25 times.

I personally as I’ve got older like more natural lashes so our new clear bands are perfect for that, even styles like Raven and Vespertine with a clear band now seem a lot more natural.    Raven 3D Mink  £22.99 ( approx $40 AUD) Vespertine 3D Mink £22.99 ( approx $40 AUD)  Everlong 3D Silk approx £19,99 (APPROX $34 AUD)

5. What do you love about running your own business? 

Gosh everything really! It’s really been so nice to love my job finally! I really found my old job very unfulfilling and I’m so grateful I can finally do something I’m passionate about and I feel good at. Honestly, it’s nice not having anyone telling me what to do

What are some of the hardest parts? 

Definitely learning the business side of things, there is no dummy manual on it.  We have a warehouse unit now and it’s still a long learning curve, we still have a long way to go and lots to learn.  It’s also challenging working with your boyfriend 24/7 and keeping a divide between work life and social.  Even product development, I know exactly how I want my products to be but when it comes to actually making them, a lot of things I never considered get  in the way, which is why we are still improving and changing things as the months go on.

 6. What advice would you give to others looking to start their own beauty business? 

Be prepared to work the hardest you have ever worked, and put in the most hours you have ever put in. Its bloody hard, but if this is the thing you LOVE and you want to succeed you will do it. Criticism can be really hard to take. When it’s your business it’s your baby and you do have to toughen up and learn to take the criticism and grow from it. I’m still very much learning.

 7. How did you market yourself when starting out? 

I was honestly very lucky, and when we posted the unicorn brushes launch picture it went viral and featured in magazines like Cosmo, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Allure etc. We jumped 70 thousand followers on Facebook in a few days. Since that day our social media has grown consistently. Instagram has all been word of mouth; however through our Facebook page we do use sponsored adverts daily and that has really helped grow the brand.

 8. What are 3 beauty products you could never live without? 

Liquid Lipstick, Antipodes Vanilla Moisturiser and my lashes!

 9. What is your daily skincare/beauty routine like?

I’m a bit up and down to be honest, when I’m on top of it, I use a Vitamin C serum in the morning, then my Antipodes moisturiser and sunscreen. The evenings consist of a good serum followed by a Retin A cream which is a God send. I’ve also been using the Pixi Glow Peel Pads and I love those. So much dirt comes off your face even though you have washed it, it’s shocking!

10. Do you have any beauty/skin-care tips?

Acids!! Your skin can take it. I love pixi glow and alpha A, it really makes a difference to your skin. And Retin A I will never be without!  Also  wear sunscreen all year round. I’m 30 now so have to think about wrinkles haha.

 11. Have you ever had any beauty disasters? 

So many! I used to cut my bottom eyelashes at school as everyone had short bottom eyelashes and mine were really long, I know totally stupid. I love my long eyelashes.  

And finally..

12. What’s next for Unicorn Lashes? Will you be launching any new products? 

Next are our holographic unicorn glosses, launching summer, then we will be moving on to highlighters and eyeliners. We are working on lots of special products, as it’s my dream to have a strong makeup brand taking over the world with unicorns! 🙂

We can’t wait for more from this awesome brand! To see more from Unicorn Lashes head on over to their social media accounts.



Instagram: @unicornlashesuk 

Snapchat: melyssajay

By Karli Smith from Lash Brigade