Jaw-Dropping Eye Makeup Art Designs to Try

By Britt Cunningham

Has it been a while since your inner-Creative came out to play? Could your makeup routine do with a shake up from the 9-5 weekday look? Have a bit of fun this weekend, grab your brushes and let loose with some artistic eye makeup designs. We’ve brought you the best eye makeup art inspiration from across the Internet- everything from realistic miniatures to freehand abstract art. Read on for some seriously awe-inspiring designs…

1. Recreate Your Childhood

Bring to life your favourite Disney characters with a scene from your most loved childhood movies. Mary Poppins flying over London, Belle and the rose, or Peter Pan in Neverland- the options are endless!

Source @tal_paleg

2. Paint in Pretty Pastels

For a more spontaneous result, be free with pretty pastels. Layer up eyeshadow and paints to achieve the look of an abstract canvas.


3. Shoot Out Of This World

Incorporate stars, planets, or the moon for an inter-galactic design. Layer up shimmering eyeshadows, and complete with speckled star dust.

Image Via Pinterest

4. Beautiful Miniatures

If you’re skilled with a fine-point brush, eyelids might just be your new canvas. The details on these Tal Paleg designs are incredible, but even if you can’t achieve the same perfect result, get the girls over, and have fun trying!


5. Dark and Dangerous

Ida Elina has created a stunning dark and dangerous look with just one colour- black. Include sweeping brush strokes and dramatic lashes for a captivating result.


6. Recreate The Masters

Are you an art lover? Pay homage to the masters and have a go at recreating miniature versions of their works. Van Gough, Dali and Da Vinchi created with eyeshadow? Why not!


7. Netflix Binge-Worthy

If you are spending your weekend obsessing over the latest Netflix series, take inspiration from your favourite show, and let loose on your lids!


8. Tone it Down

Incorporate colours and designs from your inspiration into a wearable toned-down design. This look has picked up on the colour palette of peacock feathers, and worked it into a simple but captivating pattern.

Source: http://mamabee.com/youll-look-amazing-beautiful-party-eye-shadow-art/

9. Floral Arrangement

For an easier freehand design, unleash your inner Boho and dot up some daisies along your lash line. You can mix up the colours and sizes for a versatile, festival-ready look.

Image Via Pinterest

10. Let Your Love Shine

Tell the world a bit more about who you are, by drawing inspiration from your passions. Music, books, writing- whatever it is, use this new canvas to say something about you!

Image Via Pinterest

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