Makeup Storage Solutions for Any Space

By Britt Cunningham

Whether you’re a make up professional, or work from home and keep your beauty routine minimal, we all have makeup and hair products to store. It is important to capitalize on the space you have available and keep your products organized and hygienic. No matter where or how you store your makeup, one thing should be paramount: ease of use. It is important to have your daily products close on hand, and organized in a way that works with your routine. Below we have exciting options to help you organize your collection:

  1. Utilize Vertical Space

If you are short on space, think upwards! Chances are, you have plenty of vertical space you can turn into storage solutions for your makeup products. The options are endless- unique jars look gorgeous suspended in neat rows, while unused corners can finally be utilized as shelving. Vertical storage means getting creative, and allows you to have your most-used products at arms reach.

  1. Sweet As Cake

Utilize vertical space on your vanity by sprucing up a gorgeous cake stand. Multi-tiered stands keep your vanity feeling light and airy, and are perfect for bottles of perfume or nail polish. Keep it sleek and modern with tiered marble, or vintage-glam with glass or spray-painted gold. Even better- opt for stands that rotate to allow easy access to the products on all sides.

  1. Compartmentalize

Use modular storage systems, such as those from Ikea or Vanity Collections to organize your collection in various ways. You can break it up into catagories: foundations, eyeshadows, palettes, nail polishes etc. Or, you can keep the items you use every day in one area, and categorize the rest. These ingenious systems can be used to capitalize on the amount of space you have available.

  1. Trays

Sick of your bottles and tubes creeping across your vanity through the mid-morning rush? Trays keep your items contained within a certain space, while also creating Pinterest-worthy vignettes. There are stunning trays available to suit any style vanity- shiny metallics, classy marble or natural woods. Opt for materials that are easy to clean in case products spill.

  1. Re-purpose

Think outside of the box and consider how you could re-purpose the items you already have. As seen on Good Housekeeping, plastic shoe holders are perfect for storing lipsticks, mascaras and tubes of foundation. Empty candle jars are ideal for makeup brushes, and stick-on hardware hooks can be used to hang electrics.

  1. Keep It Hygienic

Makeup hygiene is the most important consideration when it comes to storage. Beauty Blender stands like this rose gold one from Ibeet keep the sponge raised off dirty surfaces, and allow it to dry out between uses. Brushes can be stored upright in jars to keep the bristles elevated. Lidded jars are extra useful as they keep your brushes free of dust.

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