More Women Are Choosing Mobile Beauty This Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most prestigious horse race. It is attended by roughly a hundred thousand spectators every year. To be held in early November this year, the Melbourne Cup is stimulating the growth of mobile beauty services. As the Melbourne Cup is nearing, mobile beauty services, such as Beautifinda, have reported an increase in the number of bookings. Similarly, last year Google trends revealed that searches for “mobile makeup” were highest the week of the Melbourne Cup, 5-11th of November.

Mobile beauty services are essentially salons on wheels, providing at-home beauty services on an immediate basis. The era of smartphones and the internet means that these beauticians can quickly be connected to customers and show up at their houses to provide them with these services. They provide all sorts of services that you would get in a salon and the pricing is competitive, roughly the same as going to the salon!

These mobile beauty services can be called a night before you have to go to the Cup. But, they can also be called during the Cup itself. If you have a beauty emergency during the event, you can just call them up and see if they’re available. Many Melbourne based mobile beauty services are available during event days for this very reason. 

Many mobile beauty services also offer group discounts, so if you can gather together a bunch of people you can avail of the discount! You can get up to 6-8 customers pampered for as little as $800!

Mobile beauty services, such as Beautifinda are bound to rise as people start taking more and more advantage of their ease of access. It’s clear to see why, mobile beauticians provide a quick and hassle-free way to get ready before a big event, without charging a surplus fee!