Must-Try Coachella-Inspired Beauty

By Britt Cunningham

Coachella is the time to let it all loose and express your inner wild! We are celebrating the festival with Coachella-inspired beauty looks ranging from sparkling hair and makeup through to must-have nail designs. We show you how to go all out, or introduce a subtle Boho look to your weekend beauty routine.

  1. Wave Your Sparkly Wand

Glitter, is of course, the go-to Coachella makeup look. This can be pulled off to various degrees of bam! and despite what you may think, doesn’t have to be too OTT. For those of us not at the festival, you can still introduce a Coachella-inspired glitter fest to your look this weekend. Sultry glittering copper eyes will captivate everyone you glance at, and are the perfect nod to the eccentric festival.

  1. ….And Wave it Again!

Unleash your inner unicorn, and spread the glitter from your face…and into your hair! Sparkles can be woven into braids, spread through your roots, dipped into long locks and used to create a perfect part. Add dimension by incorporating various sizes, shades and shapes of glitter. This is the perfect chance to have some fun and be a bit wild with your look, so go for it! @tashaleelyn rocks an amazing glitter look in her shimmering silver hair.

(Image @tashaleelyn)

For a result that is much easier to wash out, borrow Jennifer Lawrence’s clever idea and weave in a glitter thread or headband. You’ll get the gorgeous sparkle without the messy clean up.

(Image via Brit + Co)

  1. Loose and Messy

If sparkly hair isn’t your thing, you can still introduce a festival look to your routine. Think loose, relaxed waves, plenty of braids and the odd topknot. Keep your locks pulled back off your face, either woven into one or two braids, or up into a tied-back and easy to manage bun. Remember, there’s no need for perfection at a festival so keep things relaxed and slightly messy.

  1. Stick It On

Body and face jewels are an alternative way to express your creativity. Ranging from subtle eye adornments to full forehead designs, face jewels give you plenty of room to let your personality shine through. Play around with symmetrical patterns, or go wild with intricate free-form designs. Jewels work perfectly layered with glitter, eye shadow and even face paint, allowing you to create a truly unique look. 

  1. Every Colour of the Rainbow

As an adult, how often do you get to go super colourful with your makeup look? That would be…pretty much never. Bring back your days of My Little Pony and introduce every colour of the rainbow into makeup.

(Image via Beautylish)

For a more wearable weekend look, add a pop of colour to your eyes. Lauren Curtis shows us how in this great tutorial:

  1. Brush Strokes

Coachella is the perfect excuse to relive your fifth birthday and break out the face paint. Keep it simple and sweet with a few relaxed daisies (as seen on Somethings Gone Awry), or go pattered with simple monochrome.

(Images: Free People Blog and PopSugar)

  1. Nailed It

Keep the creativity flowing right down to your hands, and finish your look with wow nail designs! The options are limitless- add bright sparkle tips to nude polish, go free hand with cute hand-drawn patterns, or break some glass ceilings with a shattered glass design.

(Images: We Heart ItNail That Accent , Trend Huter)

        Whichever beauty look you go for, let yourself be a little wild this weekend in a nod to the world famous music festival.