Nail trends

Top 10 Nail Trends to Try – Now!

Manicured nails will always be beautiful and feminine. Don’t skimp on a good mani/pedi, your fingers and toes will thank you for it! So what do you ask for when you walk into a nail salon? It can surely be overwhelming with all of the different color polishes staring at you from the rack. Then of course, you face the next set of questions. Do you want a regular manicure, gel, or acrylic? How do you know what’s in style? Check out these 10 nail trends and visit your favorite nail salon to try them out!

The Colored French Manicure

A good old French manicure never seems to go out of style. However, it definitely has evolved in many different ways. Within recent years, women have been opting for a more off white color on their tips instead of the usual bright white. This year in 2016 a new French manicure is in town. It’s playful, fun, and flirty. Instead of the traditional white tip, opt for a bright colored tip with a natural pink base. It’s still classy but with a colorful twist.

Matte Nail Polish

We’ve been seeing a lot of different matte products lately in cosmetics from foundation to lipstick. Matte nail polish made its big debut as the newest trend in 2014 and it’s back this year with a vengeance. The point of matte polish is to keep your nail color flat and without shine. It’s chic, edgy, and a totally different look than your typical high shine manicure.

Play with Different Nail Shapes

At your next manicure appointment, consider asking for a different nail shape. You can choose from round, square, squoval, almond, and many others. Almond shaped nails have been very trendy in 2016. It’s a shape that’s more pointed at the top of the nails and is definitely an edgy and sassy look. It also appears to elongate the fingers and make your hands look more slim and slender.

Muted Pastels

If you’re looking for a trendy nail color, but still want to keep it subtle, try muted pastel shades. These shades aren’t as bright and eye catching as regular pastels but they offer a more relaxed yet visually intriguing color.

Play with Nail Art

Your nail salon can offer a variety of artistic spins on traditional manicures. Consider asking for nail art like abstract lines, dots, or designs. Nail art adds a fun and artistic look to your nails. Don’t be afraid to ask for different designs on each nail. There are no rules with this trend. Be creative and have fun with it!

Metallic Nails

Go bold and rockeresque with eye catching metallic nails! Try shades in silver, gold, gray, and pink.

Goodbye Acrylic, Hello Gel!

Acrylic nails are definitely on their way out. Not only can acrylic be damaging to your natural nail, they also aren’t as durable. Acrylic nails come in handy when you have super short natural nails and want some extra length. If you haven’t gotten on board with gel manicures yet, give it a try. Gel nail polish is extremely durable and can last for up to three weeks. One benefit to a gel manicure is that it minimizes damage to your natural nails. It stays chip free and keeps that shiny luster from start to finish.

All White Nails

All white nails are non-traditional but oddly refreshing and fun. They’re clean, bright, and eye-catching. This trend isn’t meant to be used with sheer colors, try to opt for opaque bright white shades to pull off this look.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been a huge trend in fashion lately especially in jewelry and accessories. This trend is venturing out this year and is making its big debut in nail colors. Try different rose gold shades for a natural look with a beautiful pop of color.

Go Nude 

Not like that. We’re talking about your fingernails here. Nude nails are a beautiful trend. This shade allows your nails to look extremely natural but also more eye catching and feminine. Try nude shades with pink or beige undertones and choose a polish that’s a close match to the natural color of your nails.