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Who is Natalie Brown?

Sydneysider Natalie Brown is one of our favourite up and coming Youtube sensations!  While she launched her Youtube channel back in 2015, she has attracted some new attention in recent months, and her following is starting to grow. Natalie’s make-up tutorials are easy to follow and will give you flawless results every time. In the New Year, Natalie has teamed up with good friend (and featured Beauty Influencer) Natalie Boucher. The pair have delivered plenty of fun filled videos that will keep you entertained for hours. In between managing her online success, she is also managing a successful gym! There is no doubt Natalie is set to shine in the year ahead.

Our favourite looks  (all images via @nataliejbrown_ on instagram)

A Quick Question & Answer

Q: What made you launch your Youtube/Instagram page?

N: The reason I started my YouTube was because I love watching tutorials and learning new things myself and I was so inspired to start helping others and teaching the world what I have learnt along the way. 

Q: What is your current go-to make up product?

N: My current go-to make up product would have to be Benefit Cosmetics Ka Brow eyebrow pomade.

Q: Who are your biggest beauty influencers?

N: Desi Perkins, Lustre Lux & Lauren Curtis

Q: If you weren’t in the beauty industry, what would you be doing?

N: Well I do actually have a full-time job as a Gym Manager, but beauty is such a passion of mine I wouldn’t even consider it as work.

Q: What are your goals for 2017?

N: My number one goal is to get back into a constant routine with YouTube and Instagram, film tons of new makeup looks and videos for my amazing subscribers and followers, build all of my social media platforms and make many more amazing friends along the way.

  1. You are inspirational to so many people, keep your dreams alive and
    believe in what you are striving for ❤️

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