Our favourite fresh, flawless summer makeup looks!

By Marnie Cohen

Things are finally heating up here in Australia, as 2017 has brought in the summer sunshine! While our favourite parts of summer include cocktails by the pool and beach parties with friends, it also allows us to dive into a bunch of fun make-up looks to fit the season! Our favourite beauty gurus have brought us a bunch of great make-up looks to kick off the year, from full glam to make-up no makeup looks, there is something to suit everyone’s style.

Full Glam with Shani Grimmond

There will always be an occasion where full glam is required. A birthday, event, wedding… you name it and we’ve got you covered. Your typical full glam look will include super high coverage products, some false lashes and hopefully some sparkle and glitter along the way.

Shani Grimmond is constantly creating some amazing full coverage looks, and this one is no exception. Her gold and olive green smoky eye is super unique and the results are amazing – starting off the new year with one of her best looks yet!

Everyday Makeup with Dani Mansutti

Almost every Youtuber has admitted than off camera, they don’t glam up every day. While a hint of foundation and lashes can be spotted in daily vlogs and snapchat, their go-to looks are very different from the glamourous tutorials we watch on Youtube. While Dani Mansutti has shyed away from make-up tutorials recently, she has started the year off with an everyday makeup routine – a video we are treated to annually, and once again, Dani did not disappoint.


Make-Up in a Hurry with Bella Fiori

We all have those days where we sleep past the alarm, or just need something quick and easy to throw on our faces before heading out for the day. Bella Fiori has nailed the natural look in a very quick space of time. Bella’s tutorials are always easy to follow and re-create and she brings a super glamourous make-up look that is quick to apply and will last flawlessly throughout the day.


Festival Ready with Hayley Rowsell

Finally festival season is upon us! All of Australia’s biggest and best music festivals are well and truly in full swing. Whether you’re heading into the showgrounds for one day, or are camping out for a weekend, it is always best to be prepared with your diamantes, glitter and bindies on hand.

Fresh to the Beauty Youtuber scene is Hayley Rowsell, whose festival look blew us away! Using our favourite palette, the ABH Modern Renaissance, Hayley’s look is simple to recreate and looks so stunning.

Glitter Cut Crease with Natalie Boucher

The cut crease has been making a name for itself recently, with plenty of youtubers showing off looks featuring the technique. More notably, the glitter cut crease is making headlines all over Youtube. One of our favourites comes from Natalie Boucher, who puts her own spin on the trending makeup look… and she does not disappoint!


What is your favourite trending summer look? Get in touch with our beautifinda makeup artists to recreate any of these and more for a special occasion!