Planning Your Dream Makeup Vanity

By Britt Cunningham

It’s no secret that here at BeautiFinda we love makeup! It should come as no surprise then that we dedicate a significant amount of our living space to our makeup and beauty collection. But how can we optimize this space to make the most out of our products and feel super-glam while we go through our routine? Read on for the must-have tips to create your dream makeup vanity.

Mirror Mirror…


A large, clean mirror is the most important part of your vanity set-up, as it will allow you to create your daily natural or weekend glamour-goddess look. A smaller magnifying mirror is also handy to have near by to ensure your cat eye is perfect!

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If possible, make the most of the natural light that floods into your room. LED lighting can be used to complement this, and will help ensure even makeup application. It is important to consider the direction of your lighting- avoid overheads and opt for even side-lighting to illuminate your whole face.

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When planning your storage, consider how many products you have. If you’re a makeup minimalist, you’ll need less draw space than those of us who have collections resembling a MAC store. No matter the scope of your products, opt for storage that can be easily hidden from sight for a clean vanity that highlights your counter-top vignette.

Source: Beauty Stories


It is important to have a well-organized vanity to make the most of the space you have, and ensure your products and tools are ready to be used at any moment. You can find more makeup organization tips and tricks here.

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Whether you opt for a full-backed chair or sumptuous stool, choose seating that will encourage good posture while still being comfortable. Seating is also a great way to introduce some opulence into your beauty space with rich fabrics and padded cushions.

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Remember, this is your glam space! Love your daily routine by adding touches of your personality through the vanity set-up. Every part of this area should reflect who you are and what you love. Whether you’re a boho-babe or minimalist-makeup lover, choose furniture and accessories that bring you pleasure every day!

Source: Rock my Style

Finishing Touches

Add a perfume vignette to the counter space, or hang beautiful artwork from the walls. These small final touches will catch your eye every day and finish off your dream space!

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