School formal glam: what to look for in a makeup artist!

By Celina Mahoney

With school formal season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your dream look. Many schools don’t allow students to wear makeup, so the thought of doing your own may be pretty scary! Here at Beatifinda we have hundreds of the best makeup artists to help you achieve the ultimate look. This article will give you a better idea of what to look for in a beauty professional and some of our top tips and tricks!

  1. Book a professional makeup artist

It might be tempting to do your own hair and makeup for the night, but there are a number of reasons why it’s better to use a professional for special occasions. Not only do they know a wide range of techniques, they are also experienced in ensuring your makeup lasts- you don’t want to go to the bathroom halfway through the night to find a patchy complexion staring back at you!

It is also important that your formal is a stress-free night to remember. While you may have practiced your look a dozen times, if for some reason it doesn’t go to plan you’ll be feeling very anxious and rushed. By using a professional you’ll skip all this and will have more time to capture those Insta-worthy snaps!

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  1. Have some ideas in mind

Before your appointment, make sure you spend some time online browsing through makeup galleries to find what you do and don’t like. By taking a collection of images along, your makeup artist can then create a similar look by adapting the techniques to best suit your features. This will minimise any chances of you being disappointed and will ensure your choices match up with other details such as your dress colour and hairstyle. If you can, try and send them to your beauty professional a couple of days before so you have a mutual understanding and can begin to create the ultimate formal look!


  1. Play up your best features

Just because your best friend is rocking a bright red lip doesn’t mean you have to as well! Instead, we recommend choosing your favourite feature to become the focus of your whole look. If you have beautiful bright eyes, create a smokey look and pair it with a nude lip; or if you have flawless skin take advantage of the bronzer and highlighter to amp up your natural glow! While you might have a set idea in mind, it’s likely that you’ll feel far more confident when putting your favourite features forward.


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  1. Have your purse sorted

While your MUA will do everything in their power to ensure your makeup lasts all night, it’s best to be prepared just in case things don’t go to well. Lipstick will always fade so this should be the number one item to have on hand! A few other essentials include eyelash glue just in case the falsies start to lift as well as some powder or blotting paper for skin types that tend to be a little oily. This ensures you’re well prepared and no minor malfunctions will ruin your night!


  1. Be you!

If you’re not comfortable with your hair and makeup you won’t be feeling confident so make sure you know exactly what you want. Using a professional will ensure the best outcomes as well as save time and stress that could be better spent with friends. These tips will help you can look and feel your best- remember, a smile is the best accessory so have fun and enjoy your special night!


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