Spray Tan Tips

There is no woman who does not dream of having the perfect bronze complexion. Spray tanning is a safe replacement for a sunbed, or open air tanning. It makes your skin shimmer without having any side effects. However, getting the ideal real looking fake bronze shimmer is not as simple as it sounds. We have come up with the best spray tan tips here for all those women who are looking for the ideal tan.

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Exfoliate your skin completely before applying the spray as exfoliation scrubs away dead skin and cells and allows your skin to absorb the spray for better and more long lasting effects.

Your knees, elbows and ankles will immediately soak in the tint as these areas dry out more easily than the other parts. Always use a safety lotion before applying your spray so that these areas do not turn extra dark.

Keep your skin fresh and do not to use any makeup or lotion on your skin while you are spray tanning.


The effect of a spray tan stays on your skin for almost a week after it has been applied provided that you use the latest and high quality spray tan products that have a proven record of producing amazing results. 


Spray tans are applied by a trained expert by hand. The shading of the solution is exclusively coordinated to your skin tone by an accomplished spray tan pro. You can also do this at home and later check your body for any missed out spot.


Make sure not to wash your skin for almost 8 hours after applying the spray tan. Let your tan dry out completely and do not put any clothes on for at least 20-25 minutes after you have applied your spray tan.


To maintain your tan, always dab your body gently after a bath to dry it out. Avoid rubbing yourself harshly after the application of the spray so that the tint is not rubbed off.

Keep your freshly sprayed skin moisturized to let the pigment stay into your skin without turning it flaky and dry.

The use of spray tans is a much preferable option than going for a sunbed as it prevents the risk of many skin diseases. Simply follow the above mentioned best spray tan tips to get the perfect tan results and rock it with your bronze glow.

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  1. I have been thinking about getting a spray tan before my wedding. I like that you pointed out that you shouldn’t wash your body 8 hours after getting the tan. If I get one it will be my first time getting one and I wouldn’t have known that.

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