Why A Spray Tan Is Always The Best Idea

Picture this, you have an important work event in the morning, you realise you’re looking a little on the white side – so you turn to the trusty fake tan bottle in your bathroom cabinet. Apply it without a care in the world, you wake up the next day hoping you didn’t rub too much on – then you look into the mirror and you look like the ultimate Umper-Lumper. We’ve all been there. Here are the main reasons why a spray tan is always the best idea

  • Worth The Money

It might cost a little bit more than a bottle of fake tan, but it’s worth it right? Leaving it to a professional, they know what they’re doing and they know how to do it well! It’s definitely worth every penny knowing you’re going to rock up to your next event looking like a million dollars via an awesome airbrush tan!

  • Healthy Option

It’s also the healthier option, if you’re a fan of laying down on a sunbed then this needs to stop! Sunbeds lead to skin cancer, and scientists have proven this. Skin cancer is rife at the minute. Avoid these tanning beds as much as you can!

  • Mobile

Spray Tanners now come to you. Mobile spray tanners now come to your home and you are done with 20mins!!

  • Quick And Easy

Another simple reason is it’s so quick and easy. You whip off your clothes, stand there – and let the spray tanner do the hard work for you. Just relax whilst it dries, then head home and let the natural looking glow commence!

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