St Kilda beauty

We are speaking this week with Lucy Redpath from the Hive Beauty in St Kilda.

Where are you based and what beauty services do your provide?

The Hive Beauty is based within a salon called Hair By Malarie Cox in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

I offer Brow and Lash Tinting, Lash Lifting, Facials, Chemical Peels, Waxing, Tanning, Relaxation Massage and Nail Treatments, and am usually heavily requested for Skin Treatments, and Brow Consultations, although I am very thorough with all services I provide!

What is the background to setting up your business, and what’s your point of difference?

I started The Hive Beauty with the idea in mind of slowing things down and being more focused on offering a meticulous service. After working in busy high profile salons with a fast paced nature,I realized busy isn’t always better, and I didn’t want my clients to feel like a number, I wanted a more personal connection with my clients again, and that required running my own space.

The name ‘The Hive Beauty’ is a little homage to my late dad and my large family history of Beekeeping. I was never cut out to be a Beekeeper, nor were my 2 sisters, but it’s so engrained in my family that it seemed like a very natural and personal name for me, and my way of making Dad proud.

Very good clients of mine knew immediately what it meant and I got a lot of lovely messages and teary calls.

‘The Hive Beauty’ has been a long time coming and I am so excited to welcome new clients into my little beauty den.

What’s your personal background and qualifications and how does that help your clients?

I have worked in Beauty Therapy since age 15, I completed Cert 3 and a Traineeship and continued on to Beauty Diploma at Elly Lukas Beauty College, and have now been working in the industry for 10 years. I became passionate about skin after I went through a terrible stage of acne at 14, which many of clients cannot believe. But I am the biggest Skincare Junkie and a bit of a skin nerd, I love knowing about the inner workings of the bosy and how ingredients interact with our cells, and over the years I have helped my own skin recover and heal from the scarring through Peels, Cosmeceuticals and Skin Needling. The confidence that it gives you having clear skin again is incredible and I wanted to do that for others, and found many other things I love to do along the journey, like Brow Shaping.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

Beauty is about how you feel about yourself, which may be impacted by how you look, but Beauty is a confidence and comfortability that one exudes. Do the things that make you FEEL better, and you will feel beautiful.

What’s trending in beauty at the moment?

Bold thick brows and Glowing healthy skin! And I certainly don’t think it’s going out of trend anytime soon!

What’s your 1 hot beauty tip for clients?

Make a good SPF your best friend! Pigmentation, sun damage and premature ageing is never a healthy look.

How do you personally find beauty everyday?

It depends on what you define Beauty as. I am in a good Skincare routine, and LOVE doing it AM and PM everyday. I feel better once I’ve done it because I know it working away within my skin to create positive change.

I also make sure I have a good breaky, plenty of water, listen to music I love, SMILE and talk to people I love throughout the day. I’m very lucky to work among some fantastic, confident women everyday, and that makes me feel happy and beautiful.

Also if I’m having a down kind of a day, I put on a bright lippy, that’s always a quick fix!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I’m one of those girls who loves popping pimples on their partner’s back!(love you babe!)And a spray tan every Thursday Night!

How do clients get in touch?

The easiest way is TXT or email as I may be in a treatment. I always reply within the day. Clients can message me their Name, Preferred time and date, and Treatment Type, to 0431328112.

They can call the salon Hair By Malarie Cox and ask for me on 95349970.

Or Email me to

All info about my services, open hours and prices are on the website!

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